Shandong province to achieve financial performance operation department monitoring comprehensive coverage set up “early warning lights”

2022-07-03 0 By

Recently, it was learned from shandong Provincial Department of Finance that Shandong has achieved comprehensive coverage of financial performance operation department monitoring, and actively promoted the quality and expansion of key monitoring. In 2021, financial departments at all levels will monitor the fund scale of 41.77 billion yuan, and adjust and recover funds of 3.37 billion yuan according to the key monitoring results, to accelerate the convergence and efficiency of financial funds.In recent years, Shandong province has set up risk prevention and control for financial funds.Warning lights & quot;.At present, financial departments at all levels of the province have issued performance monitoring management methods, monitoring management into the institutionalization, standardization track.It is understood that in 2021, except for secret-related departments and projects, 108 provincial-level departments carried out performance monitoring work. The provincial finance department conducted a comprehensive review of department performance monitoring reports and project monitoring tables, and included the department monitoring into high-quality development assessment.On the basis of monitoring by departments and units, we will focus on monitoring major policies and projects to avoid wasting funds.In 2021, financial departments at all levels in the province will carry out key monitoring of 1,384 projects, with a monitoring fund of 41.77 billion yuan.Among them, the provincial finance carried out key monitoring of 9 projects such as aviation emergency rescue, and urged the departments to rectify and implement the problems such as slow implementation progress, unreasonable goals and non-standard management within a time limit.Rizhao carried out 49 key monitoring items, put forward more than 100 opinions and suggestions, guided departments to revise more than 20 items of relevant policies, and further consolidated the responsibilities of performance management subjects of departments.In order to enhance the scientific and intelligent level of monitoring, Shandong Province takes informatization construction as a breakthrough point and speeds up the construction of a whole-process and whole-chain budget performance management information closed-loop system.Qingdao set up a set of logical operations, index early warning lights, scoring, and the result feedback performance monitoring system, multifunctional 70% performance monitoring data is allowed by the system automatically generated, enable classified lighting system at the same time, according to the result of the grading system warning automatically, the budget department (unit) can quickly positioning problem project, improve the timeliness and accuracy of rectifing deviations.Performance monitoring results will be linked to budget arrangements and adjustments, so that the application of standardized monitoring results will be more effective.Jinan carried out key monitoring of 12 major science and technology projects of the Bureau of Science and Technology. Aiming at the problems of unclear task objectives, slow project progress and fund precipitation found by the monitoring, the project fund of the year was reduced by 300 million yuan.Yantai city carried out key monitoring of some construction projects, and found that performance targets could not be achieved, and promptly recovered the project fund of 200 million yuan, all of which was adjusted to the expenditure in the field of people’s livelihood.