Maintain police law enforcement authority!Public security organs across the country to hand over three years

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Police law enforcement authority inviolable!On February 1, 2019, the Work Regulations of the Public Security Organs on Safeguarding the law enforcement authority of the Police came into effect, which is the first departmental regulation of the Public security organs in China to safeguard the law enforcement authority of the police.Over the past three years, under the strong leadership of the Party Committee of the Ministry of Public Security, public security organs across the country have resolutely implemented regulations and requirements, carefully studied plans, coordinated implementation, and actively established a work pattern of pre-protection, in-process protection, and post-maintenance, effectively safeguarding the police’s authority in law enforcement.Over the past three years, with the strong support of local party committees and governments, local public security organs have strengthened their responsibilities, improved their systems and mechanisms, and insisted on integrating the maintenance of police law enforcement authority into the overall public security work and team building, providing a strong guarantee for the police to fulfill their duties.Based on actual combat needs, improve the system and mechanism & GT;>In peacetime, the public security forces sacrifice the most and contribute the most.How to give this team a greater guarantee, so that the majority of police law enforcement more confident, has been the Ministry of Public Security Party committee constantly thinking about the topic.State Councilor and Minister of Public Security Zhao Kezhi has repeatedly demanded that police perform their duties in accordance with the law, stressing that public security organs at all levels, especially leading cadres, should earnestly strengthen the protection of police’s rights and interests in law enforcement.Secretary of the Party Committee of the Ministry of Public Security, deputy minister in charge of daily work, inspector General Wang Xiaohong stressed that we should adhere to the service center, service actual combat, service at the grassroots level, resolutely implement the maintenance of police law enforcement authority, performance of duty exemption and other systems and mechanisms and love police warm police measures.Look at the big picture and make plans.The formulation and introduction of the regulations, for the majority of public security police to perform their duties in accordance with the law, but also become a key move to enhance the cohesion of the team fighting capacity.Set firmly implement the public security organs at all levels, positive construction engineering “head”, strengthen the organization guarantee, push forward the implementation of, and perfect the institutions, enrich the professional strength, establish and improve the minor linkage, emergency medical treatment, comfort, security, psychological intervention, clarify the name, legal aid in accordance with the law, a fault-tolerant started relief work mechanism, etc.– The working Committee for safeguarding the Law enforcement authority of the Police established by the Production and Construction Corps of The Public security bureaus and bureaus in Beijing, Hainan, Shaanxi and Xinjiang is composed of deputy directors, including the executive deputy director of the department, the director of the political Department and the head of the discipline inspection and supervision group dispatched to the Party Committee.– The Public Security Department of Hebei Province encouraged the public security bureaus of the five cities to set up a task force to safeguard police enforcement authority, and the Police Supervision Branch of the Shijiazhuang Public Security Bureau set up a full-time office.Jiangsu public security organs have established a liaison system, and have more than 2,000 full-time and part-time staff in the province.The public security bureaus of Ningbo in Zhejiang province and Huangshan in Anhui province have set up additional related bureaus. The public security bureau of Guiyang in Guizhou Province has set up a team of full-time cadres protecting rights and added an office with staff and official numbers.– The Public security departments of Zhejiang and Henan provinces promoted the opinions of the political and legal Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial High People’s Court, the provincial Procuratorate, the provincial Public Security Department and the provincial Justice Department on safeguarding the joint conference system of the law enforcement and judicial authority of the political and judicial officers and police;The Qinghai Provincial Public Security Department and the Provincial Procuratorate jointly issued the implementation measures for the Public security organs to handle major and difficult cases and solicit the opinions of the procuratorial organs;Shanghai, Ningxia and other local procuratorates jointly issued legal guidelines on handling cases that impede police officers from performing their duties.– The Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau established a psychological service center for police law enforcement authority, which has conducted psychological evaluation and psychological intervention for more than 9,300 police.– Tianjin, Sichuan and other local public security departments signed cooperation agreements on “green channel” for medical treatment of auxiliary police officers with a number of high-quality hospitals.Henan public security organs have established an emergency relief mechanism with 164 hospitals, providing emergency treatment to 1,318 police injured on duty.– Jiangsu has introduced a law enforcement security liability insurance system for police officers in nine grassroots public security organs.The public security departments of Jilin and Shandong have formulated measures to safeguard the police’s law enforcement authority.– Public security departments in Shanxi and Xizang formulated a positive list of exemption from liability for performance of duties and fault tolerance, and a negative list of failure to assume responsibilities.Liaoning, Guangdong and other local public security departments issued measures to clarify the implementation of the rectification.Qichun County, Hubei Province, the public security Bureau investigated and dealt with Sun’s false accusation against police for accepting bribes when handling a case, Sun was sentenced to a year in prison, which is the first case in Hubei province for false accusation against the public security police.Practice has fully proved that a series of systems and mechanisms, work measures, so that the maintenance of police law enforcement authority in each link, each stage have rules to follow, standard and efficient, effective implementation, to the police in accordance with the law to fulfill their duties, take a reassuring, police law enforcement more confident and confidence, law enforcement effect and law enforcement authority has been improved.Adhere to the rule of law thinking, crack down on the crime of attacking police>Acts of kindness are not enough for government, and acts of law are not enough for themselves.In December 2019, the Inspection and Audit Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security deployed local public security organs to intensify efforts to arrest 125 fugitives who obstructed the performance of police duties, and more than 100 of them were arrested.The Heilongjiang Provincial Public Security Department successfully arrested the criminal suspects who obstructed the police’s law enforcement and fled abroad through intensified efforts and active coordination.A person in charge of the Inspection and Audit Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security said that the violation of police law enforcement authority cases are different from ordinary cases, a case not strictly handled in accordance with the law, degraded treatment, often produce “broken window effect”, will affect the law enforcement authority of the entire public security organ.In the face of such illegal and criminal acts as insulting and assaulting police officers, public security organs across the country resolutely implemented regulations and requirements, severely punished suspects in accordance with the law, effectively ensured that the auxiliary police officers on the front line effectively dealt with all kinds of police situations, and effectively safeguarded the authority of law enforcement.In terms of standardizing the handling of cases, Shanghai Public Security Bureau has established and improved the work system of “110 police rights safeguarding”, and started the work of police rights safeguarding with the “110” police situation mode.Public security bureaus and bureaus in Inner Mongolia and Anhui have established mechanisms for wartime work during major security periods.Since December 2021, in the fight against COVID-19, shaanxi public security organs have investigated and dealt with 28 cases of assaulting police and obstructing police officers from performing their duties, and dealt with 32 criminal suspects.In terms of strengthening supervision over the handling of cases, public security organs in Hainan, Yunnan, Gansu and other places strengthened the evaluation, analysis and follow-up supervision of cases infringing on police enforcement authority.Zhejiang public security organs organize the handling of cases every year to “look back” to ensure that every case is handled in place according to law;The Public Security Department of Jiangxi Province promoted the application of the police enforcement authority management system and the App for safeguarding police rights, and accepted 2,420 police rights protection applications.In terms of strengthening special supervision, local public security organs have strengthened supervision over the handling of relevant criminal and administrative cases, seriously investigating and correcting without permission to resolve problems such as non-handling, degrading handling, protracted hesitation, obstruction and interference in the handling of cases.Chongqing public Security Bureau organized special supervision of 512 cases of police attacks, found 86 problems, urged relevant units to make up 18 cases, and held 39 police accountable.Around the public security organ shall earnestly implement the highest method, inspection, Ministry of Public Security on the punishment of illegal and criminal behavior of assaulting a police officer in accordance with the guidelines “and” criminal law amendment (11) of the People’s Republic of China “on the provisions of the” sin “assaulting a police officer in accordance with the law strictly investigate violence KangFa assaulting a police officer, police illegal crimes such as shame, effectively deterring the illegal crime, in accordance with the law, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of police.Enhance the ability level, fulfill their duties in accordance with the law & GT;>Be prepared for a rainy day.To resolutely safeguard the authority of police law enforcement, it is necessary to further strengthen the safety protection of police law enforcement and duty, minimize the casualties of police and ensure their physical and mental health.– The Ministry of Public Security held training courses on studying and implementing regulations, compiled and distributed typical cases, and arranged courses on safeguarding the rights of police officers in training courses on legal construction and promotion of police officers to police supervisors.– the Beijing municipal public security bureau to form a special rights to teach team, focus on infringement of prominent characteristics of unit area, service operation mode and industry category, 110 complaints, etc., deeply by more than 110 front-line team to carry out accurate teaching, participation more than 5000 police, real ascension for police to deal with the complex early-warning ability level, police suffered minor injuries or more Numbers for three consecutive years of decline.– Hebei and Shaanxi organized provincial grassroots police to hold answer contests and knowledge tests.The Public Security Department of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region has held video lectures on safeguarding the rights of police officers in the region to effectively improve their awareness and ability of standardizing law enforcement and self-protection.– The public security departments of Fujian and Hunan established a case analysis and evaluation system to regularly summarize experience, find deficiencies, study and determine the characteristics of laws, assess law enforcement risks, and strengthen security guidelines.– Local public security departments in Jiangxi and Xinjiang selected, compiled and distributed typical cases of safeguarding their rights, and distributed them to grass-roots police officers for reference.Jiangsu Provincial Public Security Department has organized micro-course competition for safeguarding rights for two consecutive years, and 43 video micro-courses have been produced in total.– Public security departments and bureaus in Shanghai and Gansu embedded law enforcement and rights protection content into police mobile terminals, and timely pushed guidance and issued tips on rights protection.The national public security organ shall adhere to the normalization of actual combat training, and to analysis, early warning prompt, further promote in the police law enforcement ability, on-site disposal capacity, security prevention capacity, efforts to avoid and reduce the law enforcement from the source on duty security risks, and make full use of advertising resources, multi-angle, all-round publicity work safeguard civilian police law enforcement authority,It has effectively created a law enforcement environment in which “police power is inviolable and infringement must be investigated”.Since the implementation of the regulations three years ago, the credibility of law enforcement of public security organs across the country has been further improved, the cohesion and combat effectiveness of the team has been effectively enhanced, and the number of cases of violating the law enforcement authority of police officers and violent attacks on police has shown a good momentum of decreasing year by year.The next step, the national public security organs will be in accordance with the provisions of the requirements, the maintenance of police law enforcement authority work grasp more tightly, more solid, more detailed, for the police to perform their duties in accordance with the law to provide a strong backing, constantly promote the high-quality development of public security work, with practical action to meet the 20th victory of the Party.