Hopper, NVIDIA’s replacement for The next generation of Gpus, was embarrassed by a trademark dispute before it was released

2022-07-03 0 By

NVIDIA’s next generation Gpus are said to include Ada Lovelace, the first computer programmer, and Hopper, the mother of all compiling gpus, both of which are expected to correspond to the RTX 40 series graphics cards.One practical awkwardness for NVIDIA, however, is that it doesn’t yet own the Hopper trademark.In 2019, Dish said it was already using Hopper for its DVR and satellite reception devices, even though it seemed like the category and graphics/accelerator cards were hard to mix.The legal wrangling began in April 2021, when Dish Network filed an application with the U.S. Patent Office to reject NV’s Hopper trademark.The two sides began settlement talks in May, but have yet to reach an agreement.The next critical date is Feb. 22, 2022, and if there is no settlement or motion to suspend the lawsuit, it could affect the launch of Hopper.According to sources, the Hopper is based on TSMC’s 5nm process, uses MCM multi-core design, and has significant computing power.