Cold wind eating boxed lunch heart to decorate the Spring Festival

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Yellow River News Network Yangquan news (reporter Liu Shuaiwen, Jing Hao) Spring Festival is the time for family reunion, is the most important festival in the hearts of every Chinese people.No matter how far they are, no matter how busy they are, many people will always rush back home without hesitation, for the sake of “reunion”.In order to create a strong New Year atmosphere, yuxian stone coal workers with careful and patient, will be a variety of color lighting hanging full jinlong Street, to bring warmth to the pedestrians home, set off a thick Chinese New Year.”Time is tight, the task is heavy, from the beginning of the 21st, we have been working overtime to dry, from the stone coal industry began to yuxian transportation bureau, and university park, water spring park and Jin Ming Garden, are our scope of decoration, is expected to 25 or so completed, has completed more than seventy percent of the target task.A worker who is in charge of lighting scene decoration said with a smile, and quickly climbed up a ladder to hang up the Spring Festival decorative lanterns.No smell show true colors, ordinary cast brilliant.Yuxian Jin Long Street, on the branches, street lights, shops outside……Red lanterns, Chinese knot, bright crystal ball and other colorful New Year lights, yuxian dress up especially beautiful festival.It is understood that the stone in the job of lamp decoration, lighting scene shop coal, yuejin coal mine, such as enterprises, according to the goals of the pleasure, joy, peace, strive to create designs city-lighting project, further consolidate, improve and improve designs city-lighting beautification, bring people more comfortable public space at the same time, also for the general public to build a happy and peaceful Spring Festival atmosphere.