China’s first “superhighway” will open to traffic at 150km/h

2022-07-03 0 By

China’s first “superhighway” will soon be completed and open to traffic, according to multiple media reports.Hangzhou-ningbo expressway reconstruction project the main line of the urban section of Hangzhou highway, track viaduct structure has been fully connected, and strive to be completed by the end of June this year, the high-speed section is based on the German highway unlimited km standard to build, but previously announced the highest speed of 150km/h.In addition, the highway is built on the basis of technology, and the long-term goal is to realize mobile wireless charging of vehicles and the infrastructure to support autonomous driving of vehicles.The hangzhou-Ningbo expressway will start at Weihai Road in Zhenhai District of Ningbo city and end at Xiasha Hub in Jianggan District of Hangzhou, with a total length of 161 kilometers.