After breaking the Olympic record!People’s Daily said, who noticed the South Korean player, Gao Tingyu to judge

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Gao Tingyu not only won the gold medal, but also set an Olympic record of 34.32 seconds in the men’s 500-meter short track speed skating.So what’s the take-home message from Gao tingyu’s record-breaking Olympic performance and gold medal?Check it out today.After breaking the Olympic record!People’s Daily said, The South Korean athlete caused controversy, Gao Tingyu: higher than Liu Xiang.This year, Chinese athletes are making history, which is very important for our Olympic program.For example, the steel bobsled is a breakthrough of 0. Now After Gao Tingyu got the gold medal, it is also a breakthrough of 0.No Chinese man had ever won a gold medal in speed skating before in the Winter Olympics, and Gao made history for himself and for the Winter Olympics.Often the first to eat crab is very important, Gao Tingyu proved this point with strength.After Gao tingyu won, People’s Daily’s social media weighed in.Gao Tingyu deserves to be the flag-bearer, and gao Tingyu has become a gold medal from a bronze medal in four years. There is nothing prouder than winning gold MEDALS at home.That’s pretty high standard, because this is not your average media.Gao also deserves such praise, and there is more to come.Interestingly, cha Min-kyu of South Korea, who ranked second, made a controversial move.On his way to the podium, he wiped the table with his hand.In a way, Cha is self-defeating, because unlike the PyeongChang Olympics, this will only make people feel bad.It is worth mentioning that When Gao Tingyu took the podium, he jumped, which was a copy of liu Xiang’s movements. Gao Tingyu thought he jumped higher than Liu Xiang.Gao Tingyu and Car min Kuiden podium action compared to the high immediately have a clear.There are still many events for The Chinese delegation to carry out, and we will see if we can continue to improve our ranking in the gold medal table. After all, there are still some advantageous events.