X5 since drop status, still have what ability prop up the luxury of Bao Ma?

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Not long ago, the much-anticipated BMW Brilliance X5 ushered in the market, the price dropped nearly 100,000 yuan, so that many “heart and lack of money” consumers from the dream another step closer.There have also been numerous reports of lower prices, longer bodies, soft seats in the back, and possibly higher prices.But is Brilliance X5 really the Dream car many people thought it was?In the past, imported BMW X5 was the ceiling of BMW luxury SUV in our mind. Even if it was imported, the sales volume still reached 50,200 units in 2021, ranking the top of luxury imported SUV.And BRILLIANCE BMW X5 price not only broke down the psychological defense line of consumers, but also broke down the price bottom line of the SUV of the same level, only with “100,000 yuan”, then let the luxury SUV market, into a new round of remodeling, so why let BMW put down the burden of “import luxury” since the price?Let’s start with the product piece by piece.In fact, as early as 4 years ago, BMW X5 domestic news has been in the domestic spread, to stimulate the grip of 500,000, 600,000 budget consumers.Now, the long-awaited BMW Brilliance X5 has finally arrived. The price range of 605,000 yuan to 775,000 yuan is a bit more expensive than expected, but it will make many people’s dreams come true sooner.Let domestic BMW X5 heat is not only the price, the official poster than imported models to increase 130mm wheelbase is also enough to attract the eye, and from the appearance can obviously see that the wheelbase lengthened also stretches the length of the rear door panel of the vehicle, more imposing than X5, this should not be mistaken for X3.BMW Brilliance X5 also put the length, wheelbase advantage into space advantage, the back seat cushion is longer, but also better to support the legs.In terms of space, it has come very close to X7 performance and has even established itself as unbeatable in the same class.At the same time because of wheelbase and body lengthening, it will inevitably bring a certain negative impact on vehicle handling.While BMW, as a brand famous for sports and control, sacrifices pure achievement space, of course, some consumers do not want to see, but I believe that the vast majority of users will think it is a good “deal”.The picture comes from the network picture comes from the network always will come, reduce price 100 thousand still want to maintain “original taste”, after all, is we unrequited love.According to the configuration information, the BMW BRILLIANCE X5 has replaced leather seats with synthetic leather, and the front seats have reduced leg supports. Is the diamond stitching of different sizes really attractive?As the ceiling of a luxury SUV, it’s a bit self-destructive to try to attract consumers by trimming.The author thinks that consumers who can really spend 600,000 yuan to buy a luxury brand SUV should not care about the tens of thousands of yuan.Image from the Internet Image from the Internet Although the wireless charging function is added to the car, for the X5 with insufficient storage space, only the customers who have driven BMW know that it is not a good deal to remove the wireless charging function in exchange for the storage slot and cup holder, so even a small number of items have to be carefully calculated.In terms of power, BMW Brilliance X5 still offers two power versions, xDrive 30Li and xDrive 40Li, respectively equipped with 2.0T engine and 3.0T engine.However, this is also the problem, X5 2.0T version has the problem of burning oil, so it is very likely that this defect will be extended to domestic models.Not long ago, more than 230 owners filed a collective complaint against 20 models sold by BMW in China because the iDrive 7 system did not match the description in the owner’s manual.The system lacks remote upgrade and voice control functions, and models include 2022 BMW 5 Series, 6 Series GT, X3, X4 and other models.BMW also publicly acknowledged the differences between the castrated iDrive 7.0 and the normal iDrive 7.0, apologized and recalled the vehicles.BMW, in the midst of a storm, has now gone after the X5, ditching features such as leather seats and leg rests.What luxury car can hold up the real localization is many consumers want to see, but we still hope it can be original, if X1, X3 and other types of cars I can accept, but is the BMW X5 luxury SUV’s appearance, but now even the leather seats, legs and other configurations are castrated, is hard to hold up the BMW luxury,It is in front of Mercedes GLE, Audi Q7 less luxurious demeanor.And in the product lineup, once Brilliance BMW X5 is tempted by interests and abandon the luxury belief, no model can stand up to prop up THE BMW “luxury” two words.As a sports sedan SUV model, X6 positioning itself is completely different from X5, from the crossover modeling can be seen that BMW wants it to carry out the brand’s sports attributes.BMW X7 and X5 are products of the same platform, and many accessories are shared. Although it has the name of flagship, its appearance is more to fill the vacancy of BMW’s large SUV. No matter in domestic sales, price and positioning, it can not carry the reality of flagship, and has a large range of terminal discounts.In the electric matrix, BMW iX can be regarded as the luxury flagship of the new energy matrix at present, but in the complex battlefield of new energy, no one can guarantee whether BMW iX can establish an advantage in the future in the face of the offensive of new forces, so who can replace the luxury OF X5 now?I have not found a suitable substitute, at least so far.Nearly period of time, new energy vehicles of the rising prices of raw materials situation has gradually spread to the traditional fuel cars, mercedes-benz, many imported cars and domestic cars has announced an increase in the price of the vehicle, the highest increase reached 121000 yuan, BMW has rhodium, palladium, steel and other raw materials prices in many markets around the world began to rise in price, but as the X5 since the fall of social status,What other BMW models in China can afford to raise prices?In fact, even without domesticalization, X5 also has a very good performance in the market. In 2021, the domestic sales reached 50,200 units, ranking the top of luxury imported SUV, while Mercedes GLE and Audi Q7 sold 47,800 units and 16,000 units respectively.Is a longer wheelbase really necessary for an X5 priced at 700, 000 yuan?However, it is certain that if the purchase threshold of BMW Brilliance X5 is lowered by RMB 100,000, the potential energy of the product and market will be further released, so the sales volume of BMW Brilliance X5 is likely to open a gap again with Audi Q7 and Mercedes GLE.X5 domestic price system and brand value ushered in a big test, but from the import identity in the end is to seize the initiative or self-degradation?To “metaphysical” domestic market, return true not necessarily.Taking this step is a headache for competitors, but I believe that BMW itself is not fully sure that the last laugh, because the price reduction and domestic will certainly let BMW price system and brand value ushered in a big test.The most direct way to stimulate sales is to lower the price, but as one of the three luxury brands, BMW needs to be very careful in pricing, otherwise the price of higher sales may be the brand image damage, causing irreversible “side effects”.More crucially, BMW currently holds 75% of the shares in the joint venture, which means BMW has more decision-making power over BRILLIANCE and can make more profits from it.In this way, the decision to make BMW X5 domestic is more like BMW of Germany trying to gain more profits in the Chinese market by consuming its brand image.Moreover, the price of 100,000 yuan is not necessarily better than the parallel imported BMW X5, and may even further reduce its competitiveness.Compared with Mercedes GLE and Audi Q7 models, if potential consumers have the idea that BMW Brilliance X5 is lower end than Q7 and GLE models, it is likely to further affect the future development of the model.At the same time, the other two models also have parallel import versions with good discounts, which will inevitably make consumers confused about 600,000 yuan to buy parallel import Q7, GLE or domestic X5, so its advantages may not be as big as we imagined.Apart from parallel imports, the lengthening and price reduction of BMW Brilliance X5 also have a modest impact on competitors such as Mercedes GLE and Audi Q7 imported through official channels.If you are willing to spend about 700,000 yuan to buy a luxury brand model, “cost-effective” will not be the first factor you consider, brand value and subjective perception may be far higher than cost-effective.So it is very likely that BMW X5 after domestic, like Mercedes still buy GLE, like Audi still buy Q7, and domestic BMW X5 compared with the two old rivals, more like meaningless self-degradation.Brilliance BMW X5 really want to move whose cake the author can think of things, BMW brand of course also know, since so why take this step?What is the intention of localization of X5?The answer is obvious. The second-tier luxury brands led by Lincoln, Cadillac and Infiniti are bound to be affected the most.Looking at the domestic automobile market, it has become a routine operation for second-tier luxury brands to establish cost-effective advantages through localization and avoid the edge of the BBA three giants, which also results in brand image damage and fall into a vicious cycle.Now the epidemic situation, chip shortage and other adverse factors make it more and more difficult to turn over the “battle”, and even the market share is still being continuously squeezed by BBA.Although most second-tier luxury brands are trying to match the German three in brand image and model positioning, the obvious gap in market holding and brand recognition makes it impossible for them to form a direct threat to BBA.BMW, Mercedes Benz and Audi stand at the commanding heights of the domestic automobile market. After continuously pressurizing the market share, they find the opportunity to implement this wave of powerful “dimension reduction blow” through the localization of BMW X5. Volvo XC90, Aviator and other models have become the main targets.And Audi and Mercedes Benz will not let BMW alone, X5 domestic production will also speed up the other two car enterprises product localization progress, and there has been news exposure saic Audi or will launch a new audi Q7 this year.In BBA’s new round of offensive, the author is also looking forward to see how the domestic luxury brand pattern will change.At the same time, I also believe that under the background of electrification as a trend, there will be more luxury brand models made in China in the future, to maximize the value of fuel cars and strive for more time for the brand electric process, which is another “fuse” to promote BMW X5 made in China.Now the domestic automobile market in addition to BBA, the topic of the hottest is headed by “wei” building cars new forces, although the brand was born time and soon, but in electrified track head start, so now BMW is also under attack, new energy vehicles are moving into the white-hot competition, on the one hand, is a buyer’s market gradually formed, the domestic new energy car companies evolution.On the one hand, strict environmental protection laws objectively accelerate the development process of new energy vehicles.In this competition, BMW X5 domestic hard to avoid some delay time and the composition of self-preservation, created the advantage of the future will gradually because of the internal combustion engine was smooth, and maximizes the value of the fuel car paves the way for new energy is also is right choice, but through the consumption of the brand image to expand advantages, really for the new energy transformation has positive help?Only time will tell if BMW is right.Whether it is to put pressure on the second-tier luxury market, or to buy time for the new energy market, the launch of BMW Brilliance X5 is a double-edged sword, which may bring many short-term benefits for the brand, but in the long run, the impact of price reduction can not be ignored.However, at present, before the launch of domestic Audi Q7, BMW Brilliance X5 is indeed a unique presence in the luxury market. There are advantages in product strength, which can take into account the dual benefits of the brand and the market.Let’s look forward to how Volvo, Lincoln, Infiniti, Audi, Mercedes and other luxury brands will adjust to meet the challenge initiated by BMW.