The general sacrificed his life for his sword

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Today I tell you a legend of hidden sword ditch.After the taiping Heavenly Kingdom movement, shi Dakai, the king of Ji, led his army and horses to leave Nanjing and began to march west.All the way qing soldiers on their besieging, crazy kill.Led by Shi Dakai, king of Ji, the Taiping army fought bravely.However, as the Western Army left its base areas, its manpower could not be replenished and its strength was gradually weakened.One day, a general of the Taiping army came to the territory of wansheng today. He was wearing a sword with blood on his robe and riding alone in the mountains.People have forgotten what his name is.However, the troops he led fought bravely and repeatedly performed extraordinary feats. They were regarded as a thorn in the side and wanted to get rid of it quickly.In recognition of their military achievements, Shi Dakai, king of Ji, presented the general with a sword he carried with him.This sword cut iron like mud, in the hands of the general do not know how many battles, also do not know how many enemies killed.The general is fond of this sword, the sword never leaves his body, the general hu other soldiers cherish this sword, as the highest honor.The Qing army hated the army, clamoring to destroy the army and seize their sword.It turned out that before the general came to the area, he and his troops were ambushed by qing soldiers.In the face of multiple enemies, the soldiers desperate to break through, although the general with a sword, but ultimately outnumbered, failed to lead his soldiers out of the siege.The general also wanted to commit suicide, to accompany his comrades.When his eyes fell on the sword bestowed by the King of Ji, he thought, never let the sword fall into the hands of the Qing army, never let the sword shame!Thinking of this, he brandished his sword, single-handedly fought his way out of the qing soldiers surrounded.Wounded and exhausted, the general could walk no further when he arrived at the pine-slope community of the present miaoba village, and dismounted to rest in a small col under a cliff.The Qing soldiers who followed him soon found his hiding place and surrounded him.Knowing that the taiping general was brave and skilled in battle and had a sword in his hand, the Qing soldiers did not dare to act rashly. They had to shout from a distance.Suddenly a shower of arrows shot out, and the general’s horse was killed by them.The general had to use the cover of the mountains to fight with the Qing army, but the shouts were getting closer and closer.At this point, the general had no concern for life or death, his only concern was the safety of the sword.But he knew that he could no longer protect the sword.So he found a secret place in a ravine and hid his sword.Soon, the Qing soldiers captured the general and tortured him to make him tell the whereabouts of the sword.But the general said nothing about the sword except cursing the soldiers.At their wits’ end, the Qing soldiers killed the Taiping general.Later, the Qing army did not give up, and sent a large number of soldiers to dig through the mountains where the general was hiding like a plow, but could not find the sword, and finally had to leave with crocodile tears.In order to commemorate the taiping army general, the local people named the place where he rested and shut his horse as the horse ring. Today, stone horse heads and stone horse hooves can still be seen in the horse ring. According to the old people, that is when the general’s horse was turned into stone after being killed in battle.The people called the place where the general hid the treasure sword ditch, hoping that one day after the Taiping army came back, they would come here to retrieve the sword.Until the seventies of last century, there are local young students group to go to Tibet Jian Ditch treasure hunting, hoping to find this sword, the result is still nothing.The general’s sword, so forever in the Tibetan sword ditch, stay in the heart of the local old surname.Now Tibetan sword ditch, the people live and work in peace and happiness, life.In those days, a taiping army general hid his sword in order to better fight, but it is not for the sake of posterity can live a safe and happy life.I think the happy life of ordinary people today is the real meaning of the general’s hidden sword.