The Russian Foreign Ministry announced “retaliatory” measures against Russia today’s ban in Germany

2022-07-02 0 By

Germany’s media regulator has banned the German-language channel Russia Today.In response, the Russian Foreign Ministry announced “retaliatory” measures on February 3, local time, suspending the operation of Deutsche Welle in Russia.The Russian foreign ministry said the measures taken in the first phase will include close “deutsche welle” in Russian reporter station, cancellation, “deutsche welle” radio and television company registration, all the employees in the Russia stopped within the territory of the company in the satellite TV and radio broadcasts, the related department is start the program at the same time, plans to “deutsche welle” foreign agent agency list.Germany’s state-owned international news agencies will also be banned from broadcasting in Russia, the Ministry said.Russian authorities are working on a list of German organizations linked to the ban on Russia Today’s German-language channel, and representatives of those organizations will be barred from entering Russian territory, the report said.The ministry added that information on subsequent rounds of reciprocal measures would be released “at an appropriate time”.On February 2, Germany’s media regulator upheld a ban on Russia Today’s German-language channel on the grounds that it did not have a licence in Germany.However, Russia Today’s German-language channel was granted a Europe-wide licence in Serbia, which was declared invalid by Germany.(Editing by Zhan Yujing)