Serie A analysis AC Milan vs Sampdoria milan win back to top

2022-07-02 0 By

Manchester United held Southampton to a surprise draw in the Premier League over the weekend, while Bayern Munich scored four points against Bochum.2, Inter milan was also forced to draw, this, AC Milan’s opportunity to come again, so today to everyone milk AC Milan, for everyone to analyze a focus of the serie A early game, AC Milan host Sampdoria, this AC Milan can win over Inter Milan, AC Milan can catch the opportunity?Team fundamentals: AC Milan, currently the team with 52 points ranked the third league, only 2 points behind the top inter Milan, because of the round of Inter milan and Naples draw, so this win can return to the top, so this AC Milan should be full of war.In fact, from AC Milan last round league away 2-1 reversal leader Inter Milan, can be seen, AC Milan is improving.Then came the coppa Italia quarterfinal 4-0 home victory over lazio, strong through to the last four.Three wins, one draw and one loss in the last five games.However, the main thing is that the home performance of the league is not consistent, the team has lost the last two league home and 1 game.And milan in the lineup of Ibrahimovic, Keyal due to injury absence, Sampdoria quagliarella, Yoshida Ma also, Damasgao injury, Ekdar suspended.Sampdoria, who are still on their way to avoiding relegation this season, are 16th on 23 points with six wins, five draws and 13 losses after 24 serie A matches, three points above the relegation zone and will have to face AC Milan.Fortunately, the offensive end of the team has a good play, Candreva, Gabbiadini, Caputo a total of 19 goals scored, the current excellent condition.But Sampdoria have been in a slump of late, losing five of their last six matches.And away offensive aspects appear dumb fire embarrassing situation, the team nearly 2 league away were zero.Data discussion: from the basic point of view, AC Milan must be much stronger, although AC Milan’s recent performance has been a little bumpy, but from the recent two games, the offensive end has played well, the state is good and the morale is high.Sampdoria have continued to struggle this season, mostly hovering around 15th place.Plus AC Milan can win this game and go back to the top.Current statistics also support AC Milan to win, even a big chance.So overall, optimistic AC Milan win or even win.