New Year’s Speech | in 2022, may all the spokesmothers have light in their hearts and grow to the sun

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Dear spokesmoms: Zhan Xin Jia.Hello everyone, I am your sister, it has been a long time since I talked with you in this way of life.Time flies, time changes, a look back, is a day, a turn around, and a year.Looking back, we can see how much we have grown up and fought for. Meeting and experiencing together is also a kind of harvest. In 2022, we gather here to wish for the New Year and wish the spokesmothers and each of us better and better.I wish you a happy mood, health and peace with us side by side;Business is smooth, everything goes smoothly often together;Warm soft, warm up often laugh.In 2022, we should cherish the people around us and take good care of ourselves. In the days when we work together with the spokesmothers, we will move forward with peace and warmth.The national spokesmom wishes you a happy New Year!In the past year, we should give ourselves full score. The epidemic went back and forth for several times, our work went back and forth online and offline, and our entertainment activities almost stopped. Even going out to buy food was more difficult than before.If you want to maintain the same standard of living as before, you’re swimming against the current. It’s going to be very difficult.But what we’re trying to say is, we survived!The team of spokesmoms continues to grow, with more sisters joining in. We live share online and make progress together in offline learning.In 2021, thank you for meeting you. Let’s make our Chinese mother’s dream the best. As the saying goes, all the hard work will pave the way for surprise.In 2022, we are confident and fearless enough to fight it for a few rounds, even with occasional setbacks.The people who accompany you are still you, unexpected warmth, are everyone’s endless power.After the flood of time washed away, big waves washed away the sand, still often contact, sincere care, generous help, is the true friend.Although we do our jobs and grow apart in our busy days, there is always a place in our hearts for each other.When we meet difficulties in work, we help each other.When feeling down, accompany each other to comfort, whether it is drinking and singing or chatting late at night, there are always two or three bosom friends in the side.Dear friends, I would like to say a word to all the spokesmothers: “Thank you for giving me proper company and help all the time. I hope everything will be better in the New Year.”True friends, not too much trouble, not afraid of trouble, in the future, I wish you and I continue to hand in hand, warm counterparts.2022, I hope you will always be happy, do everything smoothly, everything goes smoothly.Writer Li Shanglong once said, “Don’t wait until you are 30 to buy what you liked when you were 18.Don’t wait until you are 40 to pursue the person you love when you are 20.Don’t wait until you are 50 to do the things you were excited to do when you were 30.2021 is a year when our wishes come true. More mothers will join the big family of spokesmothers, and more Chinese mothers will find their own value in the transformation of our ideas.Speaking mothers is a team, but also a team, together with Chinese mothers towards a better life.It’s the New Year, don’t wait to join!Half a day’s leisure is worth ten years’ dream.To do what you want to do, to do what you love with your partners, to meet the people you want to meet, to pursue the life you want to live, are all tiny wishes. It’s better to realize your dreams than to dream them.Take advantage of the good time, to enjoy everything you expect, to stand on the stage to get your own light, to join your favorite team, to make every experience worthwhile.#042022, all good things will quietly come to today, we are the winners of 2021, but also the witness of Chinese mothers breakthrough themselves.As long as efforts to change, constantly improve, believe in yourself, time will not disappoint us who dare to fight.In 2022, may there be light and stars and oceans in your eyes.I wish you to love with your heart, to embrace, meet the warbler, spring.May you not be afraid of the wind, may you go forward, straight sail to the sea!2022, may we all be well, no disease, no matter in the heart, three meals four seasons, lights amiable.May everything you and I wish for come true this New Year.Click “watching”, all good, will quietly come.