Jinjiang Purple hat continued to carry out “three in one” special rectification

2022-07-02 0 By

Recently, Jinjiang Purple hat town security office, purple hat police station, working group in the village to carry out “three in one” site fire safety investigation and rectification action, continue to strengthen the “three in one” site safety management work.According to the introduction, the inspection is mainly aimed at the “three in one” places and fire hazards.At each location, the inspection team checked in detail whether the evacuation channels and safety exits of the merchants were smooth, whether there was a “three-in-one” phenomenon, and whether the fire fighting facilities and equipment were equipped with sufficient and intact and effective.During the on-site inspection, the inspectors carefully told the merchants to have a clear understanding of the safety situation, timely rectification, strengthen communication and feedback, and take the initiative to seek technical help and guidance.Purple hat town government related person in charge said that the inspection found that there is no “three in one” place tide phenomenon.In the next step, Purple Hat Town will continue to implement the main responsibility of fire safety and ensure that safety measures are put in place.(Reporter CAI Peiren correspondent Su Weijie) Source: Jinjiang News network