It turns out that the mummer is bad for his country

2022-07-02 0 By

Today’s A shares open lower, with Russia’s comprehensive attack on Ukraine’s news, the global stock market immediately diving, gold, oil, military, precious metals and other related safety plates all pulled up.A shares yesterday attack 3500 do not have confidence, today while the emergency has been back to step on the 3400 I mentioned two days ago to stabilize!But after 2:30 A share volume can be amplified, which also shows that there are some panic funds in the withdrawal of funds at the same time in the bottom.Originally thought that the Americans have been between Russia and Ukraine non-stop maneuvering will affect the market, did not expect Putin to directly come up to the global market a king bomb!If you think about it, not only did the US get the money back, it also got sanctions on Russia.Russia gets land and oil and gas prices. Both big boys benefit. Only one, Ukraine, gets hurt.Through this matter also let us understand what is called the actor country!But this is an opportunity for the lighter position of the friends!Tomorrow morning does not rule out a wave back to step on, this may be the last chance in February!