Do vegetables get better sunlight 24 hours a day?Are the vegetables afraid of strong light?

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Hi, everyone, welcome to this issue of q&A.This issue mainly to answer the netizens asked more about the light of a few questions: vegetables 24 hours to accept the light is better, just out of the seedlings every day how long the light, as well as the seedlings afraid of noon strong light.Are vegetables better illuminated 24 hours a day?(Should the lights be on 24 hours a day for basement planting?)These are two similar questions asked by two netizens, and they are answered together here.While light is essential to plant growth, plants also need rest.So exposing vegetables to light 24 hours a day doesn’t make them grow any better.Many of our friends grow seedlings indoors or in the basement using plant lamps.In this case, it is advisable to provide about 16 hours of light every day for the vegetable seedlings just unearthed.As the seedlings grow and the leaves increase, the light time can be reduced to about 12 hours.The netizen asks: I plant green leafy vegetables on the balcony of my home, how many hours of light do I need a day when I just come out?We call it full light when vegetables receive direct sunlight for more than six hours a day. If this condition is met, all sunny vegetables can be grown.4-6 hours is called half Yang or half Yin, and below 4 hours is called full Yin.When we talk about how many hours a day vegetables are exposed to sunlight, it’s usually based on the amount of time they get direct sunlight.Leafy vegetables are shade-loving vegetables, so they will grow normally if they get 3-4 hours of light a day.If less than 3 hours, insufficient light, it will affect the normal growth of leaf vegetables.Vegetables are exposed to scattered light as well as direct light.If you receive astigmatism for a long time, it is also beneficial to the growth of leafy vegetables.However, it is difficult to calculate the time of astigmatism, so it is usually calculated by the time of direct light.Net friend asks: is vegetable seedling afraid of strong light?The midday sun.Seedling when just unearthed vegetable seedlings, can not be directly placed under strong light exposure.Because of the vegetable seedlings in the seedling box, the soil in the seedling box is very little, in the strong light exposure, water evaporation rate is very fast, the soil will soon lose water.The seedlings die.We can at noon when the sun is the most full, we can move the vegetable seedlings to the place where the sun cannot be direct, or use shading nets and other tools for shading.The net friend asks: just kind of vegetable seedling can put under the sun?The seedlings have grown to meet the conditions for transplanting, indicating that the seedlings can adapt to the natural environment outdoors.After 7-10 days of refining seedlings, that is, from the beginning of half an hour to an hour a day, gradually increase the seedlings in the outdoor time.After such a process, the seedlings have been completely adapted to the outdoor environment.Then you can transplant in the evening, so the plants have a night to slow down.It’s okay to wait until the next day for midday sun exposure.The above is the whole content of this issue netizen question and answer.If you have any questions, please leave a comment below. Lao Li will regularly choose some common questions to learn and share knowledge and experience of vegetable planting with you, so as to improve the skills of family vegetable planting.I hope you found this episode helpful.Interested friends can search: Lao Li vegetable to view my other videos and articles, thank you for your support!