A Thousand Years of Love (Song style)

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Fall in love with traditional Chinese culture!The first revision of “Millennium Love”.Qingcheng mountain white snake demon, hard practice for thousands of years;One day full of magic, incarnation of the beautiful beauty.Young woman a smile fish sink, young woman a monkey fly goose injury;Mingmou gu Yu Yu sheng ze, mingmou gaze bead bead overflow light.Girl magic name Bai Suzhen, twist piece baiyun woven nishang;Green snake difficult abandon element zhen far, become a sister with the side.By the west Lake looking for the old grace, Guanyin daishi solution confusion;Predestined to meet thousands of miles, to the west Lake high look.Qingming festival filar silk rain, broken bridge accidently collided;Yushu Linfeng Xu Childe, heart dark Xu Ruilang.Lang sentient beings to concubine intended, jubilantly into the bridal chamber;Next year xiao Xu Cuckoo pendant, the world to huan full court.Fahai do not understand human love, frame to Childe Jinshan hide;Beauty a rage overflowing Jinshan, heaven to carry the tower.Day after day to year after year, small xu won the first prize lang;Xu door born the world wenqu star, son worship mother back home.# original poetry ## Chengdu headlines ## Tianfu Funny Night #