Taiwan’s “life is better than death” population negative growth, ke Wenzhe’s inner circle revealed the reason: housing prices too high

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According to statistics, the total population in 2021 will be 23,375,314, 185,000 fewer than in 2020, and 153,820 newborns will be born every month. The population has seen negative growth for two consecutive years, and 114,606 couples will be married in 2021, also a record low.As for why young people are afraid to have and raise children?Tsai Pi-ro, a lawmaker and close aide to Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-che, got the most answer from young people when she interviewed them: housing prices are too high.According to the report, the total population of the island decreased by 185,922 in 2021 compared to 2020, or 509.4 people per day.The number of births in 2021 was 150,000 and the crude birth rate was 6.55 per 1,000, down 11,429 from 2020.CAI said on His Facebook page that matsu had the highest population growth rate of 2.76 percent, followed by Hsinchu with 0.84 percent and Kinmen with 0.67 percent.Taipei saw a 3 percent decrease, the largest in Taiwan, followed by Chiayi County with a 1.23 percent decrease, and Nantou County with a 1.21 percent decrease.In other words, the overall population of Taiwan continues to accelerate the decline, while The rapid loss of population in Taipei, Taoyuan city is the only “six capital” also maintained positive growth last year.Although the DPP administration has proposed a policy of “government support” between zero and six years old, Chua pi-gru said, the overall population still continues to fall. What is the problem?In the past two years, the Legislative Yuan and non-governmental organizations have held public hearings and press conferences on housing justice, and held talks with young people to find out why they are afraid to have a family or a family.The most popular answer is that housing prices are too high to afford a house. Falling in love is ok, but getting married and having children is not.Therefore, CAI Asked, the population continues to decrease, why can housing prices rise to the lawless point?Can you be so crazy?Even if the ruling authorities offered to “cut off the flow of real estate speculation,” still can not stop the rally.Public information shows that housing prices in Taipei generally start at 50,000 yuan per square meter and can reach more than 150,000 yuan.The price is lower in New Taipei City, but the unit price of a good location should reach 60,000 yuan.(Xue Yang) # Taiwan # If you want to know more about Taiwan, follow the Straits Herald