Small two Financial Service: helping traditional commercial enterprises financing cases

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Case: An oil company in Shandong province is mainly engaged in the sales of fuel oil (diesel).After more than ten years of development, the company has accumulated stable users and is a long-term supplier of many large state-owned enterprises such as passenger transport and shipping.Marketing is not a problem, but as a traditional commerce circulating industry, faced with two squeezed awkward situation, on the one hand, the end user use the way of settlement after the goods first, on the other hand in both supplier (refineries) to payment, time is long, created a lot of a lot of accounts receivable to the enterprise operating pressure.As the enterprise can not in the bank (need real estate mortgage) new loans, if not timely replenishment of working capital will directly affect the daily turnover of the enterprise.Products have sales and orders, but because of financing problems affect the development of enterprises.After the financing consultant of Yantai Financial Services Co., Ltd. learned about the financing difficulties of the enterprise, through detailed investigation and professional analysis, it was concluded that the enterprise could use high-quality purchasers in the supply chain to provide commercial paper for financing.Subsequently, Yantai Financial Services Co., LTD., as an O2O+B2B mode financial service platform, actively connected with outland financial institutions. After comprehensive evaluation, the company added 11 million yuan of credit, which not only revitalized the enterprise’s receivables, but also did not increase the debt of the enterprise. The key is to solve the financing problem.”Little Two Financial Service” is a value-added service launched by Yantai Financial Services Co., LTD. It has three advantages: wide information and multiple methods;High degree of specialization;High service standards.”Xiaerjinfu” can solve various financing problems for enterprises “more”, “faster”, “better” and “less” with professional and standardized services.