The fighter jet flew through the starship gate, and Musk showed off the hype for the first orbital-class flight

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On February 6, a fighter jet passed the starship base and flew very low over the “Starship gate” consisting of two starships.Of course, it’s not protesters trying to “bomb” the Starship factory in Boca Chica, Texas, or the U.S. military helping to ban flights. It’s Musk’s latest stunt to promote his upcoming starship launch event.While Starship’s first orbital-class launch has been delayed time and time again, Musk’s intense preparations have been relentless, and the flyover of the starship base is a key part of that.Musk has staged many such shows, such as last year’s Inspiration 4 space tourism mission, which saw several fighter jets fly past SpaceX before its launch.As one of the most innovative and controversial entrepreneurs, Musk seems to be particularly willing to use fighter jets to advertise his products. Simple, surprising, exciting, effective and cheap, in line with his nature of “stingy search” and love of big drama and ceremony, he is indeed a marketing genius.In fact, Musk is a pilot himself, having flown an L-39 trainer jet he bought himself 20 years ago over the valleys near Reno, Nevada.So much so that years later, recalling his “funniest flight,” he boasted that “I would do stunts in a plane, go to the top of a tree, go to the top of a mountain and reverse, and come back the other way, like in Top Gun.”Of course, the hype around starship’s launch wasn’t just a flyby. Musk also had the “super heavy” B4 booster hoisted onto the launch pad again, a new look compared to the exposed pipes and rusting spouts.The exposed pipes and parts of the arrow body were covered with a large iron box several meters high.The raptor engine’s protective cover is handsome, and the rusty spout is finally being repainted, giving it a sci-fi feel.Now super heavy B4 former super heavy B4 if combined with “star trek” upper part, namely S20 back, then a 120 – meter – high giant rocket will be erected at the scene of the conference, more than 110.6 meters and N1 Saturn 5 105 meters height, the highest of human ever built rocket, is the best advertising.But the super-heavy B4 booster will probably serve as more of an advertisement than a technical demonstration, with the first orbital-class test flight being handed over to a successor.In fact, starship has only held two press conferences since its development. The first was in September 2016, when it made its public debut.The second one was the upgrade press conference of “Starship” on the evening of September 28, 2019, which announced the design picture of “Starship” + “Super Heavy”.And now is about to convene the third, the outside world is speculated to be related to the “starship” first orbital class flight.It was originally scheduled for its first orbital-class test flight on July 1, 2021, but the launch was pushed back to the fall of that year, and then to the end of December 2021, due to various factors including an environmental impact assessment.Then it was changed to January 28, 2022, and now it is February 8, but the starship has still not been fired, and the first flight is said to have been postponed to April this year.So far, starship’s first orbital class test flight has been carried out simultaneously with two options, the first option being the S20+
B4.The latest plan has been replaced with the S20+B5 and an S22+
B7, these two halves are still being assembled, and if the S20+B5 becomes unusable or blows up on the tower, the S22+
The B7 could take over the mission and ensure the starship’s goal of breaking out of Earth’s atmosphere by 2022.Whether it is Musk, SpaceX or Starship, this year is a crucial one. If we pass it, we will have a cross-generation advantage, which can really crush and reduce the dimension of the existing space system.And if it doesn’t, the Mars dream Musk is now touting, or even America’s “Artemis” plan to return to the moon, could be a dead end.