Praise shuiqingxia master, Wang Frost talk about the key reversal, 6 words play face Jia Xiuquan for Tang Jiali head

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In the final match against The Korean women’s football team, Wang Shuang didn’t score, but you can believe how much endurance she had to endure for 60 minutes. Although Wang Shuang didn’t help the team with a goal, wang Shuang’s appearance changed the tactics of the Korean team.Her smoke also successfully let 01 after Zhang Linyan completed a career of the most wonderful performance.Winning the title, epic reversal, after returning home, Wang Shuang also accepted an interview, talked about this time women’s Asian Cup feeling.Talking about her head coach, Shui Qingxia, Wang said: When on the court, Shui qingxia is really a master, including her substitutions and decompression, as well as a comprehensive understanding of the team.When Shuiqingxia was training on the field, she was still very strict when she was supposed to be strict, and when she was supposed to be scolding, she was still scolding, but everyone could understand.Wang Shuang’s words have also been praised by a lot of fans, indeed compared to the men’s football team, whether Li Tie or Li Xiaopeng’s substitution and tactical application, the latter two really blush, especially the substitution of Luo Guofu led to the overall situation was buried Li Tie.On the court, Shui Qingxia became a water mother, she and the women’s soccer players like friends to communicate.It is also because of this role change, the water mother can better understand the players, into the hearts of the players.Ambassador-level command ability, why can The Chinese women’s football team reverse the South Korean women’s football team won?Wang Frost also talked about the key to the reversal, that is, shuiqingxia to everyone.At halftime, Shui Qingxia gave the girls eight words: spelling is the first word, dare to fight.”You have to have a backbone,” Shui stressed to the players. “You don’t have to win to be happy, you have to lose to be happy. Don’t think about the score and try to enjoy the game for 45 minutes.”Under the psychological guidance of Shui Qingxia, the women’s football girls also put down the burden, they also interpreted what is dare to fight, and finally completed a big reversal to win the championship.After winning the gold medal, Wang Shuang also talked about the spirit of women’s football today, that is: do not abandon do not give up.Yes, it is such cohesion, so that the team has enough confidence and strength to reverse.Wang Shuang also said, as long as do not abandon do not give up, finally who can laugh at the end is not necessarily.Yes, this is now women’s soccer girl’s spirit, Wang Shuang’s 6 words also hit the face of Jia Xiuquan.Tang Jiali and Lou Jiahui both played a good performance in the advanced match of Tokyo Olympic Games, especially Tang Jiali. If tang jiali had not scored a goal against Korea women’s football team and blocked an inevitable goal, The Chinese women’s football team’s Trip to the Olympic Games might have been rewritten.But because of the media praise for Tang Jiali after the game, someone may feel that their own credit was ignored, and then determine the final list of the Tokyo Olympic Games, Tang Jiali, Lou Jiahui lost the election, the reason is also difficult to accept.Do not abandon do not give up, difficult times should be so, when the wind should be more so, but some people do not understand, this time wang Shuang’s words also ruthlessly hit his face.Pictures from the network, such as infringement, please contact delete