Old drivers don’t know the problem

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Old driver all don’t know the problem of transport bible didn’t know you old driver in the car after a period of time or longer after the car in the parking began to quiver when idle, speed up also as smooth as before, and fuel consumption is higher than before, many people think that just need maintenance, but after maintenance is not the root of the problem,Today, I will reveal what the problem is!In fact, idle jitter, increased fuel consumption, acceleration is not good, it is likely because of the carbon accumulation in your engine, but many people do not know their engine in the end there is no carbon accumulation, don’t worry, see the following know.First, we spread the first what is the engine carbon deposition, first is gasoline engine is needed to produce kinetic energy to drive the vehicle, so the “carbon” is inevitable, carbon deposition refers to gasoline in la, colloid impurities such as a long stay in the combustion chamber, after repeated after high temperature combustion of solid black, time old can lead to the operation condition of the engine down significantly.So how do I know if my car has carbon buildup?1, in the cold car state to see the tail of the exhaust pipe, take a clean paper towel to wipe the tail of the exhaust pipe, if a lot of black oil, but also water droplets, a high probability of carbon, you need to go to the maintenance shop for maintenance.2. After half an hour of parking and flaring, open the refueling port and take a flashlight to look inside. You can see that the engine camshaft is very dirty, indicating that the carbon accumulation is more serious.Friends do not be too nervous, in fact, do the following points, carbon accumulation can reduce a lot of good driving habits determine your car’s state of mind.1, don’t add wrong label of fuel gas as bullish on the cap in the recommended fuel label, don’t believe everyone to his car with a low grade of oil, so, understand the elder brother here to remind friends, heightening oil on the label is not necessarily better for your car, such as your car is to add 92 # gasoline, every time you add 95 # gasoline,In fact, high grade gasoline may not be fully burned, will produce carbon accumulation.2, don’t long time of high load operation, in order to love health, do not for a long period of time to pull the engine turn to high range, much less often in the low speed range of bigfoot boom throttle, so easily lead to combustion in the engine combustion Chambers of inadequate, leading to increased carbon deposition, the correct way is smooth and gradual acceleration, rather than urgent to speed up!3, don’t drive at low speed for a long time, we can often see some drivers drive on the way very very slow, no matter how rush all useless, but asking to get such a reply, good runs slowly on the car, understand the elder brother heard this answer is really think to look, actually long lower speed more easily lead to combustion of vehicles is not sufficient, carbon deposition will be more serious,A lot of cars break down that way.4, long idle or hot car in the morning for too long, idle engine lubricating oil pressure is relatively low, fuel combustion is not completely easy to form carbon, more serious will also lead to cylinder wear, so do not idle in place for too long!In fact, carbon accumulation is not terrible, in daily driving pay attention to understand brother mentioned a few small points can reduce the carbon accumulation in the engine, if in case of carbon accumulation in the engine of the car, we must go to the regular maintenance organization to clean up carbon accumulation.