Douluo mainland: do you know how many people tang SAN cheated?Who gets scammed the most?

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In the world of the law of the jungle, if you want to live well, you must know how to hide bad, and lying is the best means to hide bad.Especially as from the different world through the Tang three, from the moment of birth, was destined to hide a lot of things.For example, he is a time-traveler who may have succeeded in losing Tang Hao’s son.For example, he came from other worlds and mastered a great deal of arcane martial arts.Wait, he won’t even say it.These, we don’t say, today, listen to the fish to see tang three cheated those people, you think which was cheated the most miserable?Deceive Dugubo, tang three three times out of three hayan post, when Dugubo was curious, when Tang three told him that this is Hayan post, there can kill the title douluo poison, said very mysterious, the Dugubo are to frighten.Actually?Tang three just used it to kill three soul saint, one is the year, and two are the soul of the temple saint.In the valley was attacked, small dance was chrysanthemum douluo invasion, tang three holding yan post all dare not move.Du Gubo appreciates Tang SAN and says that if he is older, he can betrote his granddaughter to Tang SAN.But Tang SAN said dugu Goose has his lover, and on the status of power and background, they are not as good as the third blue electricity overlord dragon family heir Jade Tianheng.But in fact?His family was the first Haotian clan in the world.Cheat Salas, a senior soul division college in the whole continent during the tournament, Shrek college against Canghui College, because the other side display seven integration technology – seven shuluo fantasy, want to kill Shrek seven strange, tang three revenge, with purple extreme magic pupils will shock the other side into an idiot.Platinum bishop Salas as the head of the investigation team, the Tang three called over to ask details.But tang three has always said he don’t know what, the salas was trembling with anger.Deceive yourself, twice in the Shrek academy to the city to participate in the finals, the soul hall of the attack.And had to deal with shrek seven strange, is a gold eagle soul of the requiem, Tang three sighed that this person to their own pressure, even less than the original old monster.Result blink of an eye, be killed by dugu bo a move seconds.Then in the final scene, tang saw three east, a lot of soul division to see the Pope than east, kneel.But tang three said to himself, only his father and teacher can let himself kneel.But then?Tang three kneeling liu Erlong, kneeling uncle Tang Xiao, also knelt a thousand renren snow and so on.Everything I said is gone.Cheat Titan Tang three tang door to set up, once introduced to Titan tang door top secret weapon, also including the second ranked pear needle storm.At that time, tang three told Titan, said twenty-seven hidden weapons in an instant, unavoidable, once launched, must see blood.But the truth?When he fled from the Tang door, the two elders had launched to the pear needle storm, the results of tang three only xuan yu hand easily blocked the attack of the pear needle storm.Have you forgotten what happened to you?Cheat Huoleina, three times in the killing of the capital, Huoleina and Tang three hand in hand to break hell road, she will tell their everything to Tang SAN.Then asked what tang three, tang three want to think, but do not want to tell Hulena real name, but told her that he called Tang Yin.This is the first trick.Tang three went to the stars big forest looking for dance, met the soul hall of the soul hunting team.In order to break into the team, Tang three cheat Hulena again.When tang three asked him the recent situation, he told Hulena, he left the killing capital, failed to control his murderous.But in fact?Tang was sent to the father three months xuan practice heart, murderous already control.This is the second trick.Then he told Hulena that he was removed from the Haotian Clan and had nowhere to go.But the fact is, hao Tianzong has allowed Tang three identity, but also ready to train him as a successor.This is the third lie.Well, the above several are the tang Three cheated people, you think who was the tang three cheated the worst?Let us know in the comments section, and we’ll see you next time.