There it is again! Don’t buy it again!

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A few dark branches, put in the water for a week, flower buds blossom, flowers are very colorful…The Spring Festival, many people to add festive atmosphere to the home, may buy some flowers or dry branches for decoration.As everyone knows, the so-called dried peach and dried plum sold on part of the network platform are actually xing ‘an dry rhododendron from northeast China — national secondary key protection plants.Online prices are as low as 80 cents.In order to curb more and more wild mining, the state authorities listed wild Rhododendron as a second-class national key plant under protection from September 2021.Science writers and plant protection experts are urging consumers to keep their eyes open and not mistakenly buy the dried rhododendrons sold by online shops.The lawyer said that illegal collection, selling, serious circumstances can be investigated for criminal responsibility.The network platform also needs to be responsible for management.Three businesses are selling “dry branch flowers” are dry branch cuckoo “online selling dry branch cuckoo is cut on the mountain, do not buy.In recent years, the resources of wild Xing ‘an rhododendron have been greatly reduced. If there is no business, there will be no stealing.”Plant conservationists stress.Zhai Mengmeng is a popular science blogger who continuously disseminates plant protection knowledge through online we-media platforms.According to his tips, reporters from Beijing Youth Daily searched several e-commerce platforms for the keyword “dry branch cuckoo”, but did not find relevant results directly.However, if you search for words such as “plum flower” and “flower flower,” you can see some fake flowers selling real cuckoos.Subsequently, the reporter respectively from three platforms each chose a shop to inquire about the situation, the price is marked each branch 1 yuan or so.In that to bulk purchase, the business said you can discount, which the lowest down to 8 MAO a branch.For the length of time the flowers open, the store said in 10 to 15 days.When asked if they could provide pictures of flowers, the three shops were reluctant to do so directly.When the reporter asked again, two of the businesses provided the “real picture”, another business directly said “did not take”.When asked about the source of dried branch flowers, the three shops said that they were cultivated by themselves, but none of them were willing to provide pictures of the base.Dramatic is, the reporter seeks advice directly whether business place sells is dry branch azalea, say to want wholesale a large number of dry branch flower to be put in store, but worry about people to cause trouble again miscellaneous, the attitude of 3 shops is completely different however.The first merchant immediately says, “Don’t order, you don’t need to”.Faced with further inquiries, the merchant directly replied “don’t contact” and blocked reporters.The second shop is in understanding the concerns raised by the buyers of the reply “you red plum” “you dry plum”, in the reporter asked the current want to shoot “snow willow fresh branch” is cuckoo, the business admitted that it is cuckoo, but claimed that “our own cultivation”, and to the reporter will not violate the law.In the comments below, most of the customers who have purchased the cuckoo are very satisfied with the product, not realizing that they have bought the cuckoo. The most common words in the comments section are “good quality and cheap”, “beautiful” and “really blooming”.Another merchant clearly stated to the reporter that the sale is dry branch red plum, but the product comment area has many customers feedback that “received and the picture is different, the hair is dry branch cuckoo is not red plum.”When the reporter asked if it could be placed in the store, the store assured “safety.It won’t be reported, it won’t be illegal.”Through the identification of those who know, the sale of three businesses are dry branch azalea.Every winter, when the Spring Festival is approaching, a kind of dried branch flower, which is said to be able to make a miracle, will secretly appear on major online sales platforms.The business gave it a lot of names, dry branch azalea, dry branch flower, dry branch flower, dry branch plum, dry branch peach……But alone dare not use its real name – Xing ‘an rhododendron.Even on the product details page, you can’t see it as it really is.You can’t see it as it really is until you flip to the buyer reviews section.Science blogger Zhai Mengmeng in the reporter before the interview, has been on the dry branch cuckoo for the introduction of relevant knowledge.’The purpose of the business is very clear, because they know very well that it is illegal to collect and sell wild Xingan cuckoos,’ Ms. Zhai said.After more than ten years of indiscriminate harvesting and destruction, the abundant wild rhododendrons in Daxing ‘anling area have exceeded the limit of the species’ tolerance, and the resources have sharply decreased.On September 7, 2021, in the new edition of the List of Wild Plants under State Key Protection, wild Rhododendron xingan was listed as a second-class national key protection plant.Zhai said that xing ‘an rhododendrons are mainly distributed in heilongjiang, Jilin, Inner Mongolia and other high-latitude cold regions, with a growing season of just over three months each year.Flowering in May and June, fruiting in July, during which new branches sprout and grow.In September, the flower buds end their differentiation and begin to go into dormancy.”It takes four to five years for Xing ‘an rhododendrons to sprout from seed to blossom under good artificial management.”Zhai Mengmeng told reporters that since 2017, media attention to xing ‘an cuckoo theft, the network platform will be adjusted, the relevant keywords will be blocked, but some sellers under the banner of other branches are still quietly selling.”If it’s really a captive-bred plant, there’s no need to hide it when you sell it.”A few days ago, Zhai Mengmeng saw someone selling two kinds of dry branches in a flower market, one is a dry branch snow willow, another is recognized as dry branch cuckoo at a glance.”The seller of the stall may not know the name of dry branch cuckoo, but said it was the name of dry branch plum blossom. After MY report, the market supervision department intervened and the goods were removed from the shelves.”Zhai said no other rhododendrons in China have been found to be sold as dry branches, and artificial breeding costs are high, making it impossible to sell at a very low price.Wild xing ‘an rhododendron has been listed as a second-level protected plant Beijing Hua Zhi Tao law firm Jin Jiannan lawyer that: according to the “Criminal Law” 344 and administrative regulations “Wild plant protection regulations of the People’s Republic of China”, the former provisions are as follows:”Whoever, in violation of State regulations, illegally fells or destroys precious trees or other plants under key State protection, or illegally purchases, tranships, processes or sells precious trees or other plants and their products under key State protection, shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than three years, criminal detention or public surveillance and shall also be fined;If the circumstances are serious, he shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than three years but not more than seven years and shall also be fined.””Other plants under special State protection” mentioned in the provisions refers to the species listed in the List of Wild Plants under Special State protection.In addition, the E-commerce Law clearly states that e-commerce operators are not allowed to sell or provide commodities or services prohibited by laws and administrative regulations.According to the above regulations, wild Xingan Rhododendron is listed as a second-class protected plant in the List of National Key Protected Wild Plants. It is illegal for merchants to collect and sell wild Xingan Rhododendron illegally, and those with serious circumstances shall bear criminal responsibility.E-commerce platform operators have the responsibility to check whether the operators on the platform have the qualification of subject and whether the goods sold are legal.If the platform does not block or disconnect the sale of products that are explicitly prohibited by national regulations, it will bear the corresponding civil and administrative liabilities.Finally, Jin reminds, do not buy wild dry – branch rhododendron, no business, no harm.Gu Lei, associate professor and doctor of botany at Capital Normal University, said in an interview that Xingan rhododendron is mainly distributed in Heilongjiang, Jilin, Inner Mongolia and other parts of China, and also in Japan, Korea, Russia and Mongolia, which is a relatively common species.Xing ‘an rhododendron is a semi-evergreen shrub, that is, it will lose some of its leaves in winter, but may not lose all of them. Some leaves will remain and buds will open in early spring.Since the buds are conceived before the fall leaves of the previous year, there will be dry branches picked and soaked in water to bloom.Gu Lei introduces that in recent years, some people hope to make a fortune by relying on Xing ‘an rhododendron. Because of its bright colors and popularity, it has huge sales on the market, but it lacks artificial cultivation, so it poses a serious threat to the wild population of this plant.”When we judge whether a species is endangered or in need of conservation, we look not only at the size of its population, but also at the trend of its population change.”Gu lei said that the rapid population decline of Xing ‘an rhododendron was apparently caused by over-collection. “In order to curb this phenomenon, it was suggested that the rhododendron be included in the List of Wild Plants under State Key protection.After the new list is released, the collection and transaction management should be strengthened.For some businesses claiming artificial breeding, Gu Lei believes that artificial breeding, if there is, the scale is very small, unable to reach the extent of large-scale supply of the market.If wild Xing ‘an rhododendrons can be sold, who will spend money and energy to artificially cultivate them?Woody flowers take a long time to breed and don’t pay off in the short term, so they can be expensive.Online platforms or the market at 10 or 20 yuan to buy a large bunch, are certainly from the wild without cost.E-commerce platforms will generally carry out keyword shielding, in fact, it is difficult to put an end to those eyes only staring at the money of the business, for a keyword will sell, “also called on the relevant departments to strengthen the crackdown, so that bad businesses dare not sell.”Source: Beijing Youth Daily Editor: Gao Yin Proofread: Wang Yan Production: Liu Feng