Paid journalism, extortion…These two newspapers are fined!

2022-06-29 0 By

In the first quarter of this year, the National Press and Publication Administration issued two administrative punishment decisions, involving China Industry Press, China Consumption Daily and one consumer Daily reporter in Jiangxi province, according to National Press and Publication Administration warned the two news agencies and imposed a fine of 30,000 yuan, according to the administrative penalty decision.Jiangxi Provincial Bureau of Press and Publication issued an administrative penalty decision to the Consumption Daily at the same time, giving the consumption Daily to cancel the jiangxi bureau of punishment.According to the National Press and Publication Administration, China Industry Daily signed “cooperation contracts” and “advertising contracts” with three local government departments, enterprises and public institutions in the form of providing “news and publicity services”, “advertorials” and “special pages”, so as to carry out paid news and advertise in the form of news.This behavior violates the provisions of article 38, paragraph 1 and Article 39 of the Regulations on the Administration of Newspaper Publication, that is, “the word ‘advertisement’ shall be clearly marked in the newspaper position when the newspaper publishes advertisements, and the advertisement shall not be published in the form of news.””And” Newspaper publishing units shall not publish any form of paid news in newspapers.Newspaper publishing units and their staff members shall not seek improper interests by taking advantage of news reports, nor shall they solicit or accept property or other interests from the subjects of news reports and their interested parties.”Jiangxi Bureau of Consumption Daily recruited Wang Mou Biao as ganzhou correspondent on January 4, 2019, and issued a work permit for him.In April 2019, wang mou puma for the purpose of illegal possession, negative information collection processing enterprises to publish, reproduced in the network, citing to delete the network information, the threat and blackmail means taking on ganzhou city in jiangxi province hao scene real estate development co., LTD., branch of emerald bay project director of property, make crime of extortion.Consumption daily newsroom management chaos, in local agencies in local agency personnel implementing news extortion, in violation of the measures for the management of the unit in local news agency (try out) “the provisions of article 19, paragraph 2, article 29, namely” news unit shall establish and improve the management and unified arrangement interview news clues system, standardize the newsroom in local agencies.”And local institutions and their personnel shall not have paid news, paid not to hear, news extortion and other illegal and unethical behavior.In addition, according to the administrative punishment decision issued by jiangxi Provincial Bureau of Press and Publication to The Consumption Daily, the consumption Daily did not strictly manage the Jiangxi bureau of Press and Publication, resulting in the illegal employment of the Jiangxi bureau of Press staff Wang Mou Biao, Wang Mou Biao abused the identity of a journalist to seek improper interests.In violation of the provisions of Article 30 and Article 43 of the Administrative Measures for Local News Organizations (For Trial implementation).According to Article 30 of the regulation, “Local institutions shall not set up branches or employ staff in any name, nor shall they be set up in combination with Party and government organs, nor shall party and government organs’ staff work part-time in local institutions.In principle, the head of a local agency should not serve in more than two local agencies at the same time.Article 43 (4) points out that, in violation of Article 30 of these Measures, branch offices and personnel are set up in combination with Party and government organs, and the staff of party and government organs work part-time in local organs,Press and publication, radio and television administrative department under the State Council or of provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the competent department of press and publication, radio and television can take informed criticism, shall be ordered to make public review, administrative measures, such as order rectification can be given a warning and may be concurrently fined not less than RMB 30000, if the circumstances are serious, revoke the news media agency license in place.Source: Wechat official account of China Press and Publication G&D