Nanny-style teaching, a station to learn a complete set of incense technology

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Recently, rising temperatures and the fading epidemic have made people hungry for food.The heat of many string shops along the street also exploded, three or five friends sitting around a small table, while masturbating while drinking while chatting, sitting outside lukewarm, not very comfortable.Speaking of strings, it is really a hot project forever, from snacks to big, always eat not tired.If something can’t be solved, then masturbate together, if not, then two!Xi ‘an big snacks training string learning has always been the mainstream of learning, we all like to eat, never out of fashion!Now many skewers restaurants are no smaller than hotpot restaurants. Comfortable dining environment, considerate service and affordable consumption make skewers a popular food, which is the first choice for friends and families to dine together.Today’s string shop pot bottom is also very exquisite, with materials and hot pot is about the same, and its biggest advantage is that you can choose more dishes, string shop is less than hundreds of dishes optional, personal like what to take what, eat by volume, also do not have to worry about personal preferences.The dishes of hot pot are particularly limited. They are served by plate, and if they are ordered and not finished, they will be wasted. This is far less random than strings.In today’s catering market, chain stores are a very mature industrial form, and some brand chain stores have their own part of stable consumer groups.First, ensure the freshness of food materials, second, there are some activities in the store from time to time to stimulate consumption, and third, there should be a good taste as the foundation.Xi ‘an snack training master said that the most important thing to open a string shop is to fry the base material well, many small operators choose to buy materials from some big shops, although the taste is stable, but the cost is very high, looking at the business is good, but in the end, but not much.As we learn its core technology, their own stir-fry, also can better control the cost.The production of the base material of the string of incense, the processing and curing of meat, the various ingredients required by the bowl, the configuration of dishes, the storage of food materials and so on are the learning points of the technology of the string of incense of xi ‘an big snacks training.If you want to start a restaurant, then act quickly!Open a characteristic delicious string shop, all the year round is popular, especially in summer people especially like to sit on the roadside, comfortable and comfortable, even if it is also willing to queue!