More than luxury Guangzhou Jun Baobao Horse 5 series hybrid ultra low monthly payment

2022-06-29 0 By

Guangzhou Junbao, Love Junbao enjoy the rental of 0 down payment to buy a car, enjoy 24 issues of 50-50 financial plan, monthly payment as low as 1,018 yuan, a variety of mortgage financial services, ultra-low monthly payment, flexible balance without pressure, two cards and one card the same day 1 hour results, easy to enjoy;Free evaluation of second-hand cars of any brand, replacement and purchase of new cars of any brand, you can enjoy RMB 10,000 maintenance package, additional purchase or replacement of BMW 5 series plug-in hybrid power, you can have the opportunity to enjoy additional interest rate discount or five-year 100,000 km maintenance package.Our shop enjoy: free test drive, some models special price processing, the day of payment to pick up, simple procedures so that you calmly have a favorite driving.Call 400 VIP hotline, car purchase enjoy: car purchase gift package, the current car is hot sales welcome test drive experience.New BMW 5 series plug-in hybrid power, pure electric range increased to 95 km, 12.3 inch central LCD touch screen, to achieve more humanized interactive experience.The event will run from April 5, 2022 to April 10, 2022