Jilin several places education bureau issued the latest notice, the opening time overturned again, there is a good news

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Jilin Province is an important province in northeast China.In recent years of development and construction, Jilin Province with the advantage of industrial base, has got a good economic construction, has become a big economic province in China.In addition, Jilin has a profound historical and cultural heritage.Therefore, the speed of education development in Jilin Province is very fast, there are many colleges and universities in the province, and the strength is quite good.Some universities, such as Jilin University and Northeast Normal University, not only have very good academic strength, but also have a very good reputation and are deeply welcomed and loved by students.Due to the special situation in China, many regions have made great changes to the start time of winter vacation. For example, many places in Liaoning have adjusted the start time of winter vacation.Jilin Province also attaches great importance to this.Just recently, some parts of Jilin province have made a new plan for the new semester. Let’s take a look.Bureau of education of jilin a few ground releases newest notice, start school time to overturn afresh let us see a few universities first, of the university have a holiday commonly is earlier, start school also is to compare likewise late.Many schools as early as New Year’s day winter vacation, but due to the local climate and delayed to very late, basically the start of the school will be set at the end of February, early March.Jilin University: The opening date is set for February 27, 2022, but since most students are in other places, it is necessary to prepare for nucleic acid certification before the opening date.Jilin Normal University: Semester begins on February 20, 2022.In Jilin, the start of school can also be said to be relatively late, students should also be ready to start school from now on.Still have a few primary and secondary schools next, actually adjust plan most also is primary and secondary schools, a few areas of Jilin Province now also is to make corresponding adjustment.Jilin: The opening time of compulsory education is February 27, 2022, and the opening time of senior high school is February 20, 2022. Local governments can adjust the holidays by no more than one week according to the actual situation.Changchun: The beginning time of compulsory education is the same as that of senior high school, which is February 27, 2022, and the third and third grade are not allowed to start school in advance.There is also good news that many parents may be worried about the college entrance examination of students, because this year’s students have less time to review than other years, and also experienced the “era of online courses”, which makes many parents worried about it.However, the competition in this year’s college entrance examination is not so great. Many schools have expanded their enrollment and a large number of new colleges and universities have been built, so it is not much more difficult for students to get into a good university.The author said, however, to get a good score or students need their own efforts, students seriously hard study is the key to enter a good university.I also hope that in the New Year, students can greet the new semester with a new look and get a good result.For more exciting content, come to the education Jade Seal