Get these basic tools ready

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Use these amazingly stylish and powerful tools.Whether you’re looking to add a food collection system to your survival kit or a compact fishing gear to your hiking or backpacking gear, Exotac xREEL may be just what you need.XREEL is a compact, handheld fishing kit that fits easily into a jacket or backpack.It has a tackle locker with an O-ring seal that can hold a hook, pendant, float, and even some bait or jigs.The flexible TPE finger strap helps you hold the reel while in use.The xREEL comes with 50 feet of 15-pound test monofilail line and a fishing kit with six hooks, six splints and two floats.The reel has multiple “parking holes” on the outside to clamp the hooks in when not in use.It is available in four colors: bright orange, black, bronze and olive.XREEL is manufactured in the USA and comes with a lifetime warranty.CRKT Smart Girl Curved Blade Kukri is a very old design, but it looks far from fashionable.That’s because it works.However, that doesn’t mean it can’t be adjusted to keep up with The Times.As part of CRKT’s Forged by War program, cutter maker Austin McGlaun decided to try his version of the ancient tool based on his field experience stationed at Fort Polk, La., and deployed in Iraq.Austin’s full-handle version is more compact than some traditional models, with a blade of 7.75 inches and a total length of 13.25 inches.It is made of tough SK5 carbon steel with a black coating to prevent corrosion and comes with a set of G10 handle scales.It comes with a fiberglass reinforced nylon sheath with a belt clip and lanyard for a variety of carrying modes.Overall Length: 13.25 inchesBlade Length: 7.75 inchesBlade Steel:SK5 with Powdercoat finishBlade Thickness 0.19 inchWeight 14.20 ouncesHandle: G10Sheath:Glass Reinforced nylonSheath Weight: 5.60 ouncesStrikeK1 Many of you probably know about Strike Industries gun accessories, but the company has also just released a very handy folding knife.The Strike K1 is designed to carry a knife everyday.It uses aus-8 stainless steel sheep-shoe blades with hollow grinding and oval holes for easy opening with dexterous hands.Depending on the task at hand, the two jump areas on the spine allow for a variety of grips.The handle is SI Polymer Extreme, which looks a bit like FRN, strong and lightweight.It has a rear lock and a reversible low-profile carrying clip that can be carried in either the right or left hand.The handle is quite long, measuring 4.72 inches, for a comfortable four-finger grip.At just half an inch thick and 2.9 ounces, it’s a portable knife.A rather unique feature is the bladeless tape cutter mounted on the round head.This fin-like projection allows you to unzip most types of packing tape without opening a knife.I tested it on a steady stream of Amazon boxes arriving at the house, and it worked as advertised.The best part is the very reasonable price tag, just over $40.Overall Length: 8.22 inchesOverall Thickness: 0.50 inch without clipClosed Length4.72 inchesBlade Length: 3.51 inchesBlade Thickness: 0.12 inchBlade Steel: AUS-8 Stainless steelBlade Grind:Hollow groundLock Type: Back lockHandle: SI Polymer ExtremePocket Clip: Tip-up, ambidextrousWeight: 2.9 Ounces5.11 CFA Peacemaker Tomahawk 5.11 Tactical CFA Peacemaker Tomahawk was designed by Justin Gingrich of Tomahawk Company and Ranger Knives.On 5.11, this is listed as CFA Peacemaker Tomahawk, but CFA stands for Camp & Field Axe.Whether you call it an axe or a tomahawk, it’s a sturdy machete beast.Peacemaker is made from 1/4 inch thick SCM435 plate, a chromium-molybdenum alloy steel with high strength and hardness properties. Due to the hollow design, Peacemaker keeps its weight at 1 lb 12.2 oz.It is coated with a black electroplating coating and comes with a set of kangaroo brown FRN scales.The 4-inch axe was on the opposite side of the nail behind the pick.It comes with a sturdy protective cover and a four-position belt /MOLLE clip and retaining strap.Whether you want a destruction tool for tactical work, disaster response, or simply as a rugged forest tool, Peacemaker is worth a look.Overall Length: 14 inchesHead Length: 6.5 inchesSteel:SCM435 with Black Electro-coat finishEdge Length: 4-inch Blade for Chopping, diggingThickness: 0.25 inchHandle:Fiberglass reinforced nylon scales, removable for possible paracord wrap (paracord not included)Sheath: NylonOther: I’m a big fan of VZ Grips, owning several G10 knives and pistol Grips from the company.When I saw it had a pair of bottle openers in the G10, I had to grab one.They are light in weight and beautiful in appearance.They are available in black, black gray, blue gray, and dirty olive.I chose blue and black.There are two versions.Both have a bottle opener at one end and a hexagonal screwdriver in the middle.The driver will use the T15 for both the VZ pistol and revolver grip, which is a nice touch, although it requires other parts as well.The opposite side of the bottle opener is the 1911 bushing tool or a single joint.Like all VZ products, they are made in the USA.The Knuckle version is $19.95, and the version with the bushing tool is $19.11.According to Work Sharp, the Precision Adjust Elite kit is “an angle-adjustable seven-abrasive sharpener system that delivers Precision and repeatability.”It has sharpening angles that can be adjusted in 1-degree increments between 15 and 30 degrees, so you can really adjust it to your blade geometry.It has a variety of coarse grains from extra lessons to fineness, as well as ceramic rods for serrations, and leather chain straps for finishing and finishing the job.It uses clips to hold the knife in place and keeps it all in one handy carrying case.Stomach Rod: 220-, 320-, and 400-grit diamondFine resentment – brresentment Rod: Stomach Rod600- and 800-grit diamondCeramic plate, leather strop, ceramic rod for serrationsAngle adjustable sharpening chassisBenchtop sharpening baseKnife clampSharpening slide rodCarry case