Don’t talk about martial morality?Shanghai small fresh meat and rich woman after the date, took a video blackmail 1 million cases

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The feelings between men and women are complex and simple. The quickest way to close the distance between two hearts is to do what they like, which is usually successful in love or in business.Zheng, a young fresh meat in Shanghai, is well versed in this way. It is just fun to do what he likes between lovers, but when it comes to intrigues, “doing what he likes” becomes a knife on his head.Five years ago, Shanghai Pudong police received a report, to report is a couple, said that someone extorted them more than 1 million, this is not a small number, the police attaches great importance to, through the clues provided by Ms. Xia, will soon be still in the dream of making money Zheng arrested.Say this case is also a little strange, actually because of the game triggered.According to Zheng, he is in a mobile tour to know Ms. Xia, Ms. Xia is a krypton gold players, a look is not poor money.At first, he approached Ms. Xia to take advantage of her to upgrade his equipment.Two people often play games together, Zheng cast its good, take care of her everywhere, everyone in the game are unscrupulous, often someone with a hun joke at them, Zheng see Summer has not refuted, thought she had no object, the in the mind had an idea, if there is a rich girlfriend, can not struggle for ten years?Later, he became more and more hospitable to Ms. Xia, got her contact information, and they began to chat outside the game. When he saw Ms. Xia’s photo on the social software, he was even more excited, because Ms. Xia had a slim figure and a high level of appearance.Although he and Xia chatted enthusiastically online, xia never agreed to his offline invitation.Until he accidentally learned that Ms. Summer has a game level has not been able to go, is this trouble, he felt his opportunity to come, he proposed that he can help her customs clearance, the condition is Ms. Summer to ask him to eat.Ms. Xia hesitated, he struck while the iron was hot, stayed up all night, to help her customs clearance.Madam Xia was mostly moved by his sincerity and agreed to him.Two people made an appointment to meet in Pudong, after dinner, there are wandering around, all the way around the topic of the game, a kind of late feeling.In front of a hotel, Jeong offered to take a break and play some games together.They were all grown-ups, and Ms. Xia certainly understood, but she did not refuse.After substantial development, Jeong often asked her out, but from her and get along with, also slowly know that Ms. Xia is a family.After marriage, Ms. Xia became a full-time wife, but her husband was busy with his work and often went on business trips to different places. He could not stay at home for more than two days a week. In order to kill time and relieve the loneliness in his heart, he contacted mobile games.Logically, small Zheng knew the other side is a husband’s wife, should end this improper relationship, keep a distance just right.But he felt that he and Ms. Summer get along happily, has fallen in love with Ms. Summer, of course, more is reluctant to this cash cow, after all, Ms. Summer generous, buy equipment, buy gifts never stingy.After they dated for several months, Ms. Xia suddenly said to “break up” and no longer replied to his messages, he was very angry, thinking that she moved to another love, they have been pestering her.Xia told him that it was her husband who was aware of their relationship and said she would not contact them in the future.Small zheng is not reconciled, feel xia madam lived up to him, should give him compensation, to get this “compensation”, he makes a bit of means.Under the pretext of a last date, he asked Her out and had sex with her.Ms Xia thought he would not entangle, who knows not two days, he received the video, the protagonist is the two of them, small Zheng did what is self-evident.Zheng threatened Xia with either continuing the relationship or giving him a breakup fee, or sending the video to her husband.Summer lady does not want to go out again, want to maintain the stability of the family, gave small Zheng tens of thousands of yuan then, want to end this paragraph of carry back the relation of virtue thoroughly.But she underestimated the greed of human nature, Pandora’s box once opened, the disaster is endless.Xiao Zheng held Ms. Xia’s hand, the money is too easy, his appetite is growing.After squandering this tens of thousands of yuan, and find summer blackmail, Summer lady thought he kept his promise to delete the video, but a can have no scruples and the development of improper relationship between the woman, conduct is so noble?Ms. Xia turned more than 100, 000 and emptied her pocket.Xiaozheng extortion amount more than once, and finally to 1 million, she did not dare to move the money at home, afraid of her husband was aware of, xiaozheng said he really have no money.Xiao Zheng was completely lost in money and could not be satiated at all. When he learned that Lady Xia’s family had a house to be demolished, he could get more than 1 million yuan, so he asked her to give him the demolition money or transfer the house to his name. Lady Xia knew that he would never be satisfied and had no integrity to speak of.In order to get rid of him completely and not suffer more losses, she simply confessed to her husband, which led to the scene of calling the police.And Xiaozheng’s behavior has been suspected of extortion and invasion of privacy, not only to bear criminal responsibility, but also to bear civil compensation, in the end is also a bucket of water.Article 274 of the Criminal Law stipulates that whoever extorts public or private property for a relatively large amount or extorts for several times shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than three years, criminal detention or public surveillance and shall also, or shall only, be fined;If the amount involved is huge, or if there are other serious circumstances, he shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than three years but not more than 10 years and shall also be fined;If the amount involved is especially huge, or if there are other especially serious circumstances, he shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than 10 years and shall also be fined.Xiao Zheng extorted 1 million because Ms. Xia and his wife reported to the police did not succeed, although it belongs to the criminal attempt, but still should bear legal responsibility, but according to the already can be lighter or reduced punishment, but he extorted many times before, the amount of more than 100,000, there are aggravating circumstances, belongs to the huge amount of the situation, should be punished severely.He could face more than 10 years in prison for making intimate videos without consent and violating privacy.It is not difficult to find from this case, cast its favor is usually with a purpose, if it is good and do not say, if such as Xiao Zheng’s mind is not only harmful will harm himself.In the face of others can approach and please, we should keep rational and restraint, if Ms. Xia did not cross the moral red line, would not have provoked this disaster.(Privacy concerns, the names of the people in this case are all pseudonyms, some pictures are from the Internet, only to match the narrative.Warm reminder: respect the original, please do not copy, handling and reprinting oh)