By doing so, the shoulders can find alignment and lightness

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In yoga, we all know that the four-pin pose is a particularly important pose for ascending and descending dog.But many practitioners have found that it is difficult to do a good job with four pillars. Today, we will take a look at the positive tip in the four pillars.Where do these clues for “correct” alignment in the four pillars come from?Why is orthotopic important?Because four-post poses are very injury-prone poses.So is there a “right” alignment that solves these problems?Specifically, we need stability around the shoulder straps.We need stability throughout the core of the body to maintain posture integrity and avoid injury.Where does the stability of the four-column support come from?There are many muscles that must be held steady in positions like the quad.In and around the shoulder strap, the serratus anterior is struggling to stabilize the scapula to the rib cage.We have some activity in the chest from the pectoralis major.Also, the triceps are working at the back of our arms.Furthermore, the rotator cuff muscles are trying to dynamically stabilize the shoulder joint itself.Elbow at 90 degrees: Keeping the elbow at a 90 degree Angle or aligned with the wrist usually brings the shoulder further forward, while most people can keep it without straining the shoulder.It simply puts excessive upper body weight on one side of the center of gravity (in front of the forearm line).This is beyond the reach of most practitioners’ shoulders, hands and wrists.It also puts the wrist at a smaller Angle, increasing the potential pressure on the wrist.Elbow in-clamps: Another tip I often hear is that your elbows should always be tucked away at your sides.For most people, this is a good way to do it.But not necessarily immediately.People who practice four pins have different levels of experience.Some students who are just beginning to practice may have good pectoral muscle strength.But they may not have developed the triceps strength to reduce centrifugal contractions while adducting the elbow.You can do this by letting your elbows slightly out and using some of your pectoral muscle strength.Specifically, as I said, you’re trying to strengthen the serratus anterior to stabilize the scapula.If you practice too much quad support and rely solely on your rotator cuff muscles to keep your shoulders in a weight-bearing position like quad support, it may not be good in the long run.Rather than looking for a single “right” alignment in the four-post support, consider modifying the practice to choose the best method for the ongoing practice.Like putting your knees down to take weight off your shoulders.You can also lower it a little bit, rather than all the way down, as you transition from four-pin to updog.If you take the time to find the four-post variant that works for your body and slowly increase the number of repetitions, you’ll probably have a better relationship with the four-post in the long run.