Warm wind light, according to the eye bright, fang Path deep billow color

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Want to know more wonderful content, come to pay attention to Zheng Huixian Sinology art warm wind light, according to the eye bright, fang Path deep billow color.Jade hibiscus, the human landscape is different, where to find the soul of beauty, color fragrance in the drawing.Fang things have been difficult to find, mountain lake light deep dream, midnight no end where yao qin.Do not dispute the worldly prosperous color, poor lonely Fang, jade soul ice soul alone xiu shuiyun.Chang e lonely night without end, jade mirror hung as hometown, laurel fragrance tu yan color thousand chapters.Lane Yao qin, without the end of the night alone, fang Soul with the dream, three points of shame dyed skirt.Do not compete with qunfang gorgeous, leaving only fragrant color full universe, who got the meaning of the solution, jade refers to the piano under the light.Rain hit banana lotus left fang, jade people do not understand appendicitis night weiyang.Palace at the beginning of worship, where a wisp of jade tower fairy, emerald three points into dreamland.Group of flowers contend for jade yan, solitary shadow standing pool, fang Soul a wisp of three minutes into dreamland.The road is hard, white hair sigh fleeting, sour, sweet, bitter and happy taste, the fickleness of the world to see indifferent.See the fickle world is not clear, since clear, white hair life for painting screen.For many years, the fickleness of the world do not wear, cangyan heart is not old, the most beautiful life is sunny.Hair and white hair jiangnan rain, life where not to meet, the fickle world of pain and joy in vain.Life is like a dream pale yan years thick, bitter sweet lengnuanwen product thousands of sorrow.Gone by wave, any waste, hair and white hair life bumpy.Endless number of pain and joy, the limited body, white hair pale yan is the most beautiful innocence.White hair two xiao Shu, one hundred years old life is more fickle, the world of mortals less joy.Life uneven, hair and white hair two greet, sour, sweet, bitter and cool as freely.The fickling world a few vicissitudes of life, bittersweet and sour taste, ruthless years urge white hair, life intends to write chapter.Years long, a few vicissitudes of life, white hair with the wind, bumpy life is busy.Blue shirt white hair two accomplishes nothing, one hundred years of life in a dream, the fickleness of the world more changes, joys and sorrows always close feelings.Life regrets, hair and white hair sigh waste, sour, sweet, bitter and cold ren said.Used to see the sorching less sorrow, hair and white hair life to stay.Time passes with the water, the fickling world white hair why sigh, laugh at life has a few back.White hair for a few years, if life is idle, the fickle world bitter le Product Singan.Don’t say life without ancient and modern, hair and white hair two invasion, sour, sweet, bitter, happy and cold can not be found.All fate, fate, hair and white hair life has a hundred years.How many white hair sigh fleeting, life moment, the fickleness of the world bitter sweet and sour.A cup of tea, to spend time, coarse rice with fate, sour and spicy salty sweet as I kua.Tang Yun old cavity danfan cold in the heart, suffering to enjoy life at ease Yin.Simple food is also free and unfettered, salty dessert from high, sweet without pain is the most beautiful night.Salty sweet dry, baiwei in the meantime, sour to astringent to coarse tea also calm.Don’t hurt, self – evaluation, simple food and casual as I do.Acid wind blown from parting, liquor coarse tea tears two lines, mo acacia where not desolate.Satisfy hunger, sour poetry comfort sick, bitter, salty and sweet taste, life where not spring.Cold window study hard sutra, life is like a dream in vain, sour, sweet, salty, light, muddy wine in laughter.Rough road in life is difficult, bitter, salty and sweet as I comment, simple food with fate, sour in the character.Salty a family, coarse rice three meals singan taste 100, the most beautiful life is pure.Also into a poem, sour, spicy, salty and sweet are into the word, come someday, life is the most beautiful friend.Old feelings with dream bitter, who is the same as the taste of life, sour wind cold rain desolate night, rice thick tea lonely.One pot of life, bitter and spicy salty dessert from the sweet, plain rice coarse tea picture printing acid cold solution.Xiaoxiang night acid, simple food and pleasure in the truth, happy life is not afraid of difficulties.Don’t feel tired, sour, hot, salty and sweet are love, come eventually, why sigh life.Over the past 60 years, I have tasted both sour, sweet and salty. I can also eat coarse quinoa.Life is rare a few times idle, salty and sweet smile, in the food of all kinds.Sour, sweet, salty and light meals are happy, bitter, spicy and sweet is the most beautiful morning.Light rice spend time, salty and sweet taste, no sweet without sweat on the road to glory.Cold window bitter accompany, life a few hundred years of reincarnation, sour, sweet and salty quinoa also happy zai.The heart is happy, two appropriate, happy life coarse tea Mo xiao chi.The heart is drunk, the dream is difficult to round, the wind moon reciting poetry music in his later years.Heart magnanimous, danfan sweet, cool breeze moon no tube, enjoy tianlun degree in his later years.The moon two phase forget, music in the world altogether lift cup, a coarse tea content is unusual.Sorrow joy life why ask, the moon two appropriate, a cup of liquor fragrant tea can hunger.Light rice coarse tea do not feel cold, contentment often in a dream, cool breeze moon tianlun degree in his later years.Do not dye dust, simple food to raise the spirit, the moon poetry painting, music do free and unfetters.Cool breeze moon according to who, wine in the window music sunset, light rice coarse tea nothing, content often gather sangma.Happy to see castle peak send me on the high-rise, life is satisfied with the spring and autumn.Light rice is also free and unfetchable, happy happy breeze are friends, poetry fu le today.Why points, light rice is also leisurely, cool breeze bright moon tianlun not envy fairy.With haoyue, graceful moonlight, simple life, contentment chang Huan in his old age.The morning bell sounded people add joy, the breeze guest forget worry, contentment chang Huan light rice spring and autumn.Spend more than years, contentment between heaven and earth, the breeze is infinitely good, reciting poetry as fu Le Tao Ran.Life should be satisfied with a dream, the world such as tea can solve worries, the bright moon breeze for music without rest.Bright moon cool breeze song fu music boundless, simple fare chang Huan in his later years.Happy happy, let me go with the wind, happy chang Huan light meal tonight.After the meal shake the head, chang Huan not lonely, the bright moon breeze fu Le at large.Zhengqi side content, half a thick tea breeze often accompany me, poetry fu Music.Gather and scatter by the two, music in the end of the world at this time, fu Poem cooking wine flavor still zi.Has been used to years of poetry flavor, why not fu pen flowers, the world is Tianlun music, everything with fate don’t ask it.Fame and wealth, gan for the five indifferent people, love poetry and music, everything at ease with fate.Spring sing green water fish for music, autumn fu red maple leaf with fate, how many things in life, and the cup of wine as poetry.Let the fate to come, happy happy life, poetry as fu Miscellaneous fine cutting.Wild game fragrance good poem companion, leisurely and complacent with fate Mo xiao chi.Reciting poetry is strong, the life of a hundred taste nothing leisurely music, all things with fate from different.Shushan find elegance, net sea find bosom friend, life cool breeze fonds element piano.Floating if the dream fate to go, years such as song with music line, fu Reciting poetry danfan taste ordinary.Spring day forever, evening clouds low, life pleasure with fate mo fan.Rain over the pond for evening clear, mountain color and taste clear, life pleasure with fate mo plan.Three meals of music, a smile light, light rice thick tea know the taste of the world, poetry and books company until dawn.Things go along with the fate of music, such as song, today and make a miscellaneous smile.Mixed fragrance thick, companion happy meet, life satisfied with fate don’t act fierce.Poetic sentiment is true, a mellow taste, leisure to have nothing at ease with fate.Fish play algae, birds with fate, life hundred unusual immortal.Life is always a matter of fate, enjoy it regardless of years, fu reciting poetry danfan taste leisurely.A pot of wine, for drunken confused, breeze moon at large, the world with fate.I make ancient and modern Yin, 100 taste of life a heart, music in the poem online seek bosom friend.Wuling smoke scattered flowers, jingu wind to fangcao new, the most amorous march rain, qinghuan still like the old people.Satisfied must qinghuan, rain plantain Willows thousands of green, smoke cage pinghu Wanqing field.Night does not open, qinghuan dream a few wandering, bamboo shadow window, a wisp of smoke with the month.– Zheng Huixian Chinese Art