Two people were killed as a hurricane swept through Germany, smashing Windows on ferries and halting multi-state long-distance trains

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Storm Ylenia hit Germany on Thursday night, while another storm, Zeynep, is expected to arrive on Friday afternoon and could be the strongest storm across the entire northern region since 1990.It was an uneasy night for people in most parts of Germany when storm Ylenia hit the country in the early hours of Thursday, German media reported today.Storm Ylenia pounded on Windows again and again, many people woke from their sleep, the north and east of Germany was badly affected, fire brigade and police operation, Berlin declared a state of emergency.At Angermunde, the wind speed record of 1990 was broken, reaching 124.5 km/h.Two men have been killed in stormy weather in the states of Lower Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt.Both were killed when a tree collapsed, according to police.A commuter ferry on the Elbe river in Hamburg was hit head-on by a wave, shattering Windows and flooding the hull. No passengers were injured.The ferry company said it had never encountered such an incident before and that the ship’s glass was supposed to be “wave-resistant” and was investigating the cause.Multi-state long distance train outages storm Ylenia has paralyzed rail traffic in multiple states.Deutsche Bahn (DB) has completely suspended long-distance passenger services on ICE and IC in multiple states due to safety concerns, a spokesman said.Starting in the evening, it mainly affected lower Saxony, Bremen, Hamburg, Schlemer, Meizen, Berlin and Brandenburg.Regional transport also saw cancellations and delays in many places, such as Thuringia and Bavaria.Railway repair crews are now working furiously to clear tracks and repair lines, but with a second storm expected to reach Germany again on Friday night, travelers will have to check in carefully before traveling.If possible, postpone or cancel your trip.While Storm Ylenia is expected to weaken on Thursday, another storm, Zeynep, is expected to arrive in Germany by Friday afternoon, according to the German meteorological Office. By the end of the week, another storm is expected to be of similar intensity and could continue to rage early next week.Experts predict Zeynep could become the strongest storm to hit the entire northern region since 1990.Xiaobian reminds again, in the next few days, pay close attention to weather changes, reduce outdoor activities, avoid near billboards, high hanging objects and trees, etc., to ensure personal safety.