The United States was “betrayed” by its Allies, and its “little brother” in Europe joined forces with Ukraine to fight Russia, while Germany disagreed with the United States

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Although the United States has been containment and provocation against Russia, the United States itself has been very unhappy recently.Not only was he “stabbed” by Russia in his own backyard, but he was also “betrayed” by his Allies, which greatly affected the plan of the European “little brother” to unite Ukraine against Russia.Venezuela and Cuba’s position is very sensitive to the United States, this is equivalent to in the back garden, Russia’s recent actions in this area is very obvious, once the region controlled by Russia, then wait for the United States will be a time of the threat of being attacked, distress in the United States how to deal with Russia’s back,The Europeans’ plans to contain Russia were also severely affected by a major rift between their important ally, Germany, and the United States over the containment of Russia.In the plan of the United States and NATO to curb Russia, eastern Europe many countries is important one annulus, Ukraine is one of the most important, this is why the reason the Ukrainian crisis so severe that a European small the league of nations and the United States urged the anti-russian plans, but were Germany to stop.Germany has blocked Estonia’s attempt to supply German-made weapons to Ukraine, global Times reported.Clearly, Germany is playing devil’s advocate with the United States.Some analysts pointed out that Estonia is one of the many “little brothers” of the United States in the Eastern Europe to contain Russia, the supply of weapons to Ukraine is obviously to unite with Ukraine to fight against Russia, behind this must be the United States and NATO instigations.For Germany to stop Estonia at this point would be humiliating for America, and could spark a new round of conflict within NATO.It is well known that attitudes towards Russia are divided within NATO, with countries led by the United States and Britain taking a hard line against Moscow and countries like France and Germany seeking to reduce tensions with Moscow, and Germany’s move to take a different tack from the United States is likely to exacerbate that divide.It is worth noting that supplying weapons to Ukraine in Germany on the one hand, this has always been very strong, in NATO countries are scrambling to provide arms to Ukraine, Germany, has refused to provide any equipment for Ukraine, Ukraine’s President, even jersey even before he personally to German chancellor Angela merkel apply for, lift the arms embargo by ms merkel tough to refuse.Germany has taken a tough line on Ukraine, to the point where western media doubt Germany’s full support for a military confrontation between NATO and Russia.In the eyes of analysts, only Russia is in the interest of the Americans, but not of the Europeans, in NATO’s eastward expansion.This is also the insidious part of America, hiding behind its back as a trader and pulling Europe into the mire.With Germany, France and other countries taking the lead in opposing the US, it will be more difficult for the US to carry out its sinister plan in Europe in the future. More and more countries will come out to oppose the US and we will see how the US ends up.(shape)