Jiang Kaibao carried out Spring Festival condolence activities

2022-06-27 0 By

On January 25, Jiang Kaibao, deputy head of fuyuan County People’s Government, led a team to carry out the Spring Festival condolation activities, sending warm care to the sanitation workers, village team members and epidemic prevention and control staff of the Party and the government, and extending cordial greetings and New Year’s greetings to them.County CPPCC party members, county federation of trade unions party group secretary, second level researcher Zhao Xineng condolence together.Copy, copy image pictures in worker post, jiang bao open on behalf of the county party committee county government for FuYuan County sanitation workers painstakingly, diligent, hard-working, not afraid of cold, not afraid of the heat dedication praised, for they thank you for contribution to create the national health county, and hope that they will continue to carry forward the spirits of wuxi, selfless dedication,To create a clean and beautiful fuyuan new look to make contributions.At the County Rural revitalization Bureau, Jiang Kaibao and his delegation had a cordial talk with the staff members stationed in fuyuan County. They asked them how they lived in fuyuan County and thanked them for their devotion to fuyuan’s rural revitalization work, urging them to take good care of their health while doing their job well.He urged the RURAL Revitalization Administration to care about the living and working conditions of the rural workers stationed in the villages, effectively solve their difficulties, and make greater contributions to fuyuan County’s rural revitalization.Copy the picture in the county epidemic prevention and control headquarters, jiang bao line first to epidemic prevention and control headquarters staff thank you for more than two years of hard work, to fulfill their duties, successive dedication gave full affirmation, and demanded that the epidemic prevention and control command, the working group to epidemic prevention and control this alert all the time, resolutely overcome lax complacency,Do not relax the “external prevention of input, internal prevention of rebound” work, make persistent efforts, do not relax, for the county people over a peaceful Spring Festival to build a solid security barrier.Edited by Zou Lingfeng, Qin Hongwei, Published by Cao Fei, Yan Ping