Champion trader: once met “shadow wash dish”, firm wu stocks, the market rose!

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Whether it is stocks or stock trading, they are essentially the same: making judgments about the future and buying and selling decisions in the present.Since it is to make a choice of uncertain facts that have not happened in the future, then risk management is particularly important.Because in all judgments, no one can be 100% right, and every judgment you make has the potential to be wrong.To reduce and avoid this risk, we need to acknowledge and manage the risk of trading, with a small amount of tentative psychological money involved, and at the same time prepare an exit strategy for each trade before it starts.There are so many trading opportunities in stocks that if you don’t have principles and a plan, the market will quickly become overwhelmed. People will have to learn the right trading rules and how to make trading plans.Of course, this process is not overnight, but once you start, you can make progress and improve your trading performance.K line knowledge K line is a columnar line, made up of shadow and solid.The part of shadow line above the entity is called the upper shadow line, and the part below is called the lower shadow line, as shown in the figure.Entity points positive line and negative line two, the closing price is greater than the opening price is positive line, lower than the closing price is negative line.What a K line records is the price fluctuation range of a certain kind of stock one day, K line reflects the struggle experience of much empty force that day, it is the record of much empty fight that day.How do we look at the K line?Look at Yin and Yang: Yin and Yang represent the direction of the trend, the positive line will continue to rise, the negative line will continue to fall.Second, look at the size of the entity: the entity size represents the intrinsic motivation, the larger the entity, the more obvious the trend of up or down, vice versa is not obvious.Three, look at the length of the shadow line: no matter K line is Yin or Yang, the part of the shadow line has constituted the next stage of the upward resistance, the probability of price downward adjustment is large.Similarly, the lower line indicates that the probability of price upward attack is large.Several K line combinations: what is the main wash plate?How to judge the main wash dish?Main wash dish is the low-cost chips shock out, through other non-own retail or households to change hands, to raise the cost of chips, to easily pull high preparation.What is the purpose of washing: The main purpose of washing is to increase the average cost of holding shares for other investors, to drive out the followers, so as to reduce the pressure on the stock price to pull up further.In the meantime, cast in actual high low absorb in, banker also can accept paragraph of price difference concurrently, in order to make up for its to be in pull the higher cost that rise phase will pay, this is wash dish commonly used gimmick and dish mouth feature.Since wash dish is to frighten out confidence insufficient retail chip, banker is bound to create a weak plate appearance, even vicious diving type suppress, let a person produce the illusion of fear, throw the chip in the hand in panic.Interesting is in the key technology, makers tend to protect the dish, this is to let another group of people who are optimistic about the future holding, in order to achieve the purpose of improving the average holding cost, learned what is the main wash dish, can effectively prevent being washed.Once met “photocopying wash dish”, firm wu when the stock price peaked when the general will receive a very long photocopying, the stock price in the subsequent unilateral downward.And sometimes the main force in order to get more chips will often pull up a small wave in the stock price began to artificially create the line, so that part of the real intention is not clear about the peak signal, out of the hands of chips.Results after a very short time of washing dish, the main force immediately pulled up, let some investors sigh regretfully: just sold up, dead main force.But how to say you have thrown chips, it does not help, in the actual operation we only continuous operation, continuous learning, in order to live in the “sinister” stock market better.The image line not only effectively digested part of the early quilt disc, but also showed the characteristics of short head in the early small high point due to its morphology;Make those short-term bottom – copying funds can not see the direction of profit taking, after the operation, the removal of dregs, convenient subsequent pull up.The following is a more classic shape of the image washing: we see the image washing dish is near the green 60 moving average, and usually the image washing dish is near the 60 moving average.Remember these in the future we can identify the actual operation of the main manufacturing on the way up, do not easily sell chips to tread empty.The characteristics of this wash dish pattern are: 1, in the upward movement of stock prices in the form of 60 moving average near;2, the stock price in the early adjustment of about 2 weeks of unlimited sideways;3, the stock price in the adjustment of the middle can not appear big shock;4, its change form, washing dishes can appear a day or two days of unlimited small Yin or Yang line.Afternoon shock one day, must be the amplitude is not big, behind an accelerated pull up the Changyang line, a typical long shadow washing dish;This wash dish buy, our reference to buy must be barging-based intervention, often have to chase high duvet cover words will appear a profit did not come out that what did not get.1, trial type of projection as mentioned before, projection generally indicates the presence of pressure, is a signal to see the top of the stage.But the main pull in the stock before, will test the above sell pressure.The formation of this line is not too worried.There are two points to distinguish whether a trial type of photocopying 1, the volume is not enlarged.2, the stock price has always been in a narrow range of consolidation.At this time need to pay attention to the market situation, if the stock market driven by the market and down, the main force is often with the trend, will not be against the trend to consume funds, waiting for the market to stabilize and then quickly pull up the sun line, so that the stock price back up.If the market is more moderate, and the above two conditions are established, long shadow can be relieved to hold shares to rise.Tip: when the market plummets, choose a long line and decline in the stock, the market will have better performance.2, trembling-type image trembling-type image often occurs in just started on the stock, the formation of the reason is either early set to sell, or short-term profit taking to sell.Identify whether the key is to see the trading volume, if the volume of amplification, the formation of the film to undertake strong, the market is still to hold the main rise.Matters needing attention long shadow generally indicates the arrival of the bottom of the stock, but the premise is that the early stock has experienced a considerable decline.At this time, the shadow line is a reference to stop falling signal.Long lines generally indicate high casting pressure, but washing is more likely if the amount can be matched.When the upper and lower lines appear, it is necessary to combine other information to make a comprehensive judgment to improve the accuracy of research and judgment.If you want to know more, follow old Roddick King