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Enjoy the bright moon, celebrate reunion, this year’s Lantern Festival because of the Winter Olympic Games has a new meaning and wonderful.The “Ice Cube” volunteer area of the National Aquatics Center organized the “Ice and snow Make The Lantern Festival, Together with the future” volunteers to celebrate the Lantern Festival. The venue director Zhang Jie, the deputy director of media Liu Dawei, the deputy secretary General Wu Nian came to the volunteer home together with the volunteers from various colleges and universities to celebrate the Lantern Festival.”Gather together, Smell the Lantern lantern” coincides with the Winter Olympics, and the Volunteer Home integrates the Elements of the Winter Olympics to carry out the “Gather Together, smell the lantern Lantern riddle” guessing activity, bringing volunteers a colorful spiritual and cultural feast.The riddles aroused the volunteers’ keen interest and they discussed the answers in groups.In a heated discussion, a volunteer in the field of sports took the lead in solving the riddle and won unanimous praise from everyone. The scene was filled with a warm and cheerful festive atmosphere.”Blessing see blessing lamp, blessing to Yuanxiao” skillful hand lanterns, will be moved to the world.Director Zhang Jie and the volunteers together to make Lantern Festival lanterns, the original simple materials in their wonderful processing, transformed into a “Romantic Chinese style” art.With the simple shapes, delicate patterns and warm lights, the volunteers experienced the happiness and harmony of reunion.Icecube volunteers also gave hand-made Lantern Festival lanterns to foreign journalists, athletes and family concierge members. Their bright smiles made the international friendship even warmer and added to the excitement and joy of the Winter Olympic Games.”Auspicious luck, Xi Na Wanfu” Lantern Festival to send blessings is the most warm, happy moment.Zhang Jie, director of the venue, personally wrote the yuanxiao Blessing sign for everyone, and between the lines revealed his best wishes to the volunteers.Received the blessing of the volunteers showed a pure smile, let them hold a reunion, holding auspicious, into the spring full of hope.The lanterns are bright and the lanterns are bright.A series of festival activities will push the atmosphere of “Celebrating Chinese New Year” to its climax.The all-dimensional immersive experience makes the joy, peace and charm of the Chinese Year of the Winter Olympics last forever.Director Zhang Jie gave the volunteers ice dun dun pendant, gave the volunteers incentive and inspiration.Volunteers from strangers to tacit cooperation, in this temporary but warm icecube family, feel the warmth of “home”, “loved ones” care.In the ice Cube filled with winter Olympic elements, the most beautiful Chinese wind becomes the most beautiful scenery.When the Lantern Festival meets the Winter Olympics, ceaselessly is the Olympic dream of “faster, higher, stronger – more united”, write is “peace, friendship, progress” snow and ice new chapter.Figure/national swimming center venue team source Winter Olympics publication | authors Edit supernannan editor: supernannan (female) process TaiShaoFeng