TBC nostalgic suit: Iron wall armor, BIS armor for stage P3, egg pieces once sought but not available

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If I had any regrets about my minotaur defense in TBC, it was that I couldn’t get them.Although I finally graduated with 8T6, MY heart was always broken.What’s so good about it?Let’s take a look.The iron wall armor was dropped by the Dark Temple tail King – also known as an egg.Air leakage – we often call him egg general.This piece of equipment has a drop rate of 8%, which is theoretically easier.As it is a defense plate armor helmet, generally only combat and ride defense are required.And now most of the pursuit of anti-riding method injury equipment, so as long as out, basically are anti-war bag.Two, the attributes of iron wall armor mentioned, naturally involves the problem of attributes.To be honest, the property can be said to be a cow B krasi!Why?1. Item level: 151, 5 levels higher than T6 in Combat 146, you will be better when you encounter a leader who needs to be equipped.2. Armor value: +1532, 49 points more, 3.3% more, not too high.3. Endurance: +82 + 34 + 70.8%, almost double.4 slot: and the same is a colorful red hole.5. Equipment effects: Block rating is 0.12% lower, but block value is 21 points higher;Defense level decreased by 2.54, but dodge increased by 1.15%.The figure below is a comparison of the four related equipment. It can be seen that the property of the iron wall armor is rolled T6, which is only slightly inferior to the engineering glasses and SW pieces with 159 sets in the later period.Generally speaking, in addition to the 8T6 obsessive compulsive players, generally experienced soldiers will only use T6 boots, wristbands, belts and chest armor, gather together four sets of attributes on the OK.The helmet is usually iron wall, the glove is fortress, the shoulder is firm.The quest is for both threat and defense to maximize the stat’s overall benefit.The P3 of the nostalgia suit has been opened, wish all tank ideas are successful!Get it soon!