Students, the textbook has arrived, please sign for it!

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“Thanks to the school, thanks to the post office, so that we can also study hard at home!””The distant distance, can not stop the postman uncle deep friendship, during the epidemic they carry is love, is responsibility!”Recently, students of Qiqihar Normal College expressed their gratitude to qiqihar and China Post on Wechat moments and Douyin platform.The university teaching materials distribution project developed by Qiqihar Post Branch enables students who take online courses at home due to the epidemic to get the teaching materials in time and carry out online learning on time. The gratitude of students is inseparable from the precision development ability of China Post’s personalized service and the hard work of postmen.Due to the epidemic, Qiqihar Normal College is under closed management, which makes it impossible for many students to return to school. The university has to take online teaching method to ensure students complete their studies.When visiting customers, qiqihar Postal Branch learned that the school needed to carry out online teaching, so it had to mail all the textbooks to students to ensure that the online classes would start on time.In order to seize this good opportunity, Qiqihar Longsha District Postal branch immediately contacted the school to understand customer needs in detail.”This visit can be said to be very smooth, good reputation wins good atmosphere, good market.”The project leader said that the success of the project is due to the scientific and efficient operation process of the postal service, the strong support of the campus parcel project during the epidemic and the good response of the postal service society, which effectively ensures that the postal enterprises can ensure the safe, accurate and fast delivery of university textbooks.On March 27, the teaching materials distribution project was officially launched.Put forward according to the school teaching materials should be in April 2nd to send all the requirements, qiqihaer city lonza district branch of postal science develop processes, Posting, consumables, arrange nanyuan LAN for docking with the school, staff regularly nucleic acid detection after entering school of packaging materials, daily afternoon LAN mail-coach for department responsible for transporting materials and disinfection work,He worked for more than 14 hours for several days to ensure that all the textbooks distributed that day were safely delivered to the mail processing center.Although the project of sending and delivering university teaching materials is small, and the project is received and sent according to the standard charge, the number of received and sent mails reaches 3,200 pieces, and the income of express packages reaches 58,000 yuan.The delivery of textbooks was completed on April 2nd. Recently, college students in some areas have received textbooks.(Xu Wenjia, Cui Yuxin)