Shizong: “The most beautiful figure” in the fight against COVID-19

2022-06-26 0 By

Palm qujing news epidemic merciless people love, stand together through thick and thin meaning more firm.Since March 30, facing the severe epidemic situation, a group of people in male wall town relentlessness, reverse, they fought in the epidemic prevention and control of each card points, in the night, in the continuous rain, ran to where they are needed in each, dedication and they doing everything they can to become a thick warm, warm heart, left a series of the most beautiful scene.They are medical staff, police, volunteers, caring people, grassroots Party cadres…Frontline defense when the vanguard of the epidemic is the command, prevention and control is the responsibility.Xiongbi Town fully mobilized the public security police, medical staff, village cadres, party members, village teams, volunteers and other forces to form a joint work force, with strong and complete personnel stationed at the checkpoint for epidemic prevention and control around the clock, strictly registering the identity information and travel information of people entering and leaving, checking health codes and travel codes.Regular epidemic prevention and control measures, such as scanning codes, temperature measurement and wearing masks, have been implemented, and targeted and effective measures have been taken to guard the “small gate” of traffic and strengthen the “gate” of epidemic prevention and control.Built line materialize rural grassroots party organizations have set up the party members’ epidemic prevention teams, personal proportional amount, scribing packages, take turns at the village set up checked posts unattended, temperature in and out of the personnel to register, household to carry out the policy propaganda, road between the village to carry out disinfection, woven tightly woven the prevention and control network at the grass-roots level, enhancing the epidemic prevention and control of the first line of defence.Leave the village as the bear with the deepening of the epidemic prevention and control work, need nucleic acid increasing sampling the masses, for the convenience of villages masses, male wall township health centers sent every day more than 16 medical personnel, both day and night, go the village as accounting sampling work, when work over protective clothing, sweat already thoroughly soaked the clothes.The sweat under the protective clothing shows their responsibility and responsibility.The fight against the epidemic affects the hearts of caring people from all walks of life, they have donated love materials, a box of instant noodles, a piece of water, a box of masks……We provided help and warmth to the epidemic prevention and control workers in Xiongbi Town, and helped the epidemic prevention and control work with practical actions.According to incomplete statistics, division of the aggregation of wind power co., LTD., fuyuan economic worth it our medical division of company, male wall, male Ming cheng excavator rental company, brilliant supermarket, male male wall wall center kindergarten companies such as epidemic headquarters for the town of male wall donated materials, love villages loving people have also to the village (community) making donations, help the epidemic prevention and control.