Only child must see!In order to solve the problem of elderly care for parents, the country issued new regulations, children more at ease

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In different periods according to different time background, the change will occur, the corresponding policies, such as the one child policy, the first China’s population is more, is a family planning policy, control population, and then gradually adopted a policy of open two, three, but in our life, many only children families still exist.Some only children think that the family is fine and they can enjoy the favor of their parents alone, and also reduce unnecessary disputes with their siblings, but only children also face many difficulties.The biggest difficulty is the old-age care problem of parents. In a family with many siblings, one child may stay with his or her parents to take care of his or her parents, and other children will feel more assured, which is an advantage that only children do not have.Especially many only children also don’t work in the parents, parents doesn’t get very good care of their children, and in some cases a special, children to parents from your side still have some difficulties, many children will choose big probability for parents to old to live in a nursing home, oneself give parents living, when the New Year’s day is a holiday will go to the parents.Sometimes their children feel uncomfortable, but they have no choice but to struggle for real life.In order to solve the only child to parents provide for the aged problem, the country also introduced a new regulation, the only child must see, can let the only child set his mind at many.First of all, the state made it clear that encouraging children and parents live together, in fact, in real life, many old people are not willing to live with their children, living in a different way, the old man didn’t want to give their children life burden, and before the pension is not allowed to use in different places, the old man has dropped the idea.The pension now allows old people to withdraw their money in the place where their children live, and only children receive more.Not only that, but there is also a guarantee is health care, health care and support in several cities, at the same time in order to better take care of the old man’s health, reduce trouble to see the doctor, solve the old concerns, many hospitals also opened a geriatric medicine disciplines, for the treatment of the old man’s disease, more targeted, children more comfortable,There is no need to worry about the elderly will not online registration, etc., more convenient to see a doctor.Finally, for those elderly people who really cannot live together with their children, going to a nursing home to enjoy good treatment and services is also a good choice. Their old age life will be more colorful and they can also make many new friends.However, the cost of nursing homes is still very high in some areas, and there may be preferential policies for the elderly with only children living in nursing homes in the future, but it has not been popularized nationwide, so we can have hope.Parents raise our hard life, to the old age should enjoy the happiness, no matter whether the only child family, it is best not to let parents become “empty nesters”.I hope that you can always think of your parents, meet more with parents, give parents care, understand parents, this is the best gift parents received in their old age.Discussion topic: Do you think the pressure of the only child is big for parents to provide for the aged?Welcome to communicate with you!For more, follow me!The above pictures are from the network, if any infringement, please contact to delete.