Jordan’s foreign minister and some Arab counterparts are heading to Moscow to mediate the conflict between Russia and Ukraine

2022-06-26 0 By

According to CCTV news, local time on April 4, Jordan’s Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Safadi, together with foreign ministers of Algeria, Sudan, Iraq, Egypt, as well as the Secretary general of the League of Arab States, headed for the Russian capital Moscow, to participate in the mediation of the Conflict between Russia and Ukraine.After Moscow, the officials will travel to Warsaw, the Polish capital, for consultations with their Ukrainian counterparts.According to media reports, the Arab officials will listen to the positions of both sides and will consider the role that the Arab Contact Group can play in de-escalating the Russian-Ukrainian situation so that the parties can reach a political solution based on the principles of international law and the CHARTER of the United Nations, taking into account the concerns of all parties.