Deng Xiaoping, “Doctor Mimeograph”, how to resume his old career in the Soviet Area?

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This year marks the 25th anniversary of comrade Deng Xiaoping’s death.He studied in France and the Soviet Union, and was known as “Doctor Mimeograph” for editing Red Light magazine.When Deng Xiaoping came back to China to edit Red Star Newspaper, he did his best to run this military newspaper well, showing the mind of a revolutionary in running a military newspaper, and leaving a lot of valuable experience in the propaganda work of newspapers and periodicals.Let’s review!Guang ‘an, Sichuan province, is the birthplace of Deng Xiaoping where he received the most traditional Chinese education and learned to read and write in a private school. His parents had originally named him Deng Xiansheng private school. Mr. Deng Changed his name to Xi Xian, hoping that he would learn from his predecessors and become a successful man.He did underground work for the Party in Shanghai to cover for the convenience of changing the name deng Xiaoping Deng Xiaoping has a solid foundation of Chinese studies not only can read books well,Brush calligraphy written or home is now circulating his 10 years, and he can write Spring Festival couplets and evil landlords with pen as spear battle story of deng xiaoping set up very early to learn the ideal of saving the 16 he was overseas holding a the thought of “industrial salvation” work-study programs to France but full of deng xiaoping came to France’s only in the middle school with five months were unable to take all kinds of feesForced the end of the study he then learn to struggle in the work practice and revolution abandoned unrealistic “industrial salvation” dream grew into a communist fighter poses of deng xiaoping in France as Europe branch of the members of the executive committee of the communist party of China when he was doing odd jobs while in Europe the communist youth league organs publications “young” (later renamed the red light) the editor of the magazine deng xiaoping often sent on “red light”These articles, signed “Xi Xian”, were short and sharp, with sharp ideas and sharp words. MAO Zedong once said that reading Deng Xiaoping’s report was like eating a rock sugar gourd. January 1926,Deng Xiaoping was organized to systematically study Marxist theory at Sun Yat-sen University in Moscow, The Soviet Union.Talent gathered in one of the most concentrated class “class at that time in the party school of kuomintang and the communist party’s influence and political future of the students because he often debate with the kuomintang rightists students fighting words sharp, eloquence he got the reputation of being” app “in France during the work-study programs of deng xiaoping has showed good at propaganda work too him to participate in the editor of the journal red light for stencil lettering neatlyAt the end of 1926, Deng Xiaoping returned to China to take part in revolutionary workFrom August 1933 to January 1935, Deng xiaoping served as the chief editor of The Red Star newspaper. “Doctor Mimeographs” returned to his old career and demonstrated his expertise in propaganda work. The Red Star newspaper was the official newspaper of the Military Commission in the Central Soviet Area and its target audience was the Vast majority of Red Army officers and fighters who were born in poor families and had little education.By repeated research deng xiaoping to the commanders are interested in to be able to read, he decided to improve recovery stamping newspaper publishing form, improve the quality of mimeograph active layout, for the articles with illustrations or cartoons he sometimes post title with calligraphy inscribed print also add knowledge columns and literariness supplement will be thoughtful and informative, interesting together deng xiaoping proofreading is extremely serious,Error, the little red star newspaper in his meticulous planning and effort of a brand new image with excellent pictures and texts to let a person find everything new and fresh interesting content enrich the spare life of soldiers has been hailed as a “political work instructor” “red army soldiers mentor” of deng xiaoping’s issue of red star newspaper widely mobilize the public to take deng xiaoping mtcsol combination way to organize a 50In October 1934, the Red Army began its strategic transfer. Deng Xiaoping led the editorial department of Red Star Newspaper to follow the central column to set foot on the long March.They immediately set out to work listening to the instructions of the commander of the Military Commission while collecting and compiling articles about the battle situation of each regiment.And began to write an editorial engraving, mimeograph just 10 days after the long march red star newspaper special issue long March 1 will spread to the hands of the red army commanders with mo deng xiaoping to write editorial inspiring force forward the courage and confidence in the long march on the way the reds face a lot of problems, for example, red star newspaper published a warrior play solve the problem of red army soldiers marched barefoot sandals and distribute articles,Overnight signet make the red army officers and quickly learn to air defense knowledge and hidden way and take the air shooting measures to reduce the casualties after the zunyi meeting deng xiaoping on the red star newspaper published the party central committee with ZhongGe CMC commanders to the red book timely convey the zunyi meeting important spirit in the editor in chief of “red star at more than 70 work in the process of deng xiaoping devoted a lot of heartBlood has made an important contribution to running this newspaper.Source: Party history study