Chinese cultural gene decodes: “painting cake” really can “satisfy hunger”

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Have you ever seen a painting that you can eat?Here we go. This is a traditional Chinese folk handicraft — sugar painting.Use the spoon as the pen, and the sugar as the ink to draw everything in the world.According to legend, Tang Dynasty poet Chen Zi ‘ang loved to eat brown sugar, but he did it in a different way.He melted the sugar on a clean, smooth table and molded it into animal designs. After the sugar solidified, he held it in his hand and tasted it as he played with it.Later, Chen Zi Ang went to chang ‘an, the capital city, to study for an official, also brought this kind of eating method to the capital, from then on, the sugar painting skill passed down from generation to generation.In the Qing Dynasty, sugar paintings became more popular and their craftsmanship became more sophisticated. Most of them were flowers, birds, fish and insects, fu Lu and Longevity, and twelve Chinese zodiac animals, all of which were popular auspicious patterns.Sugar painting is a culinary, cultural and handmade art that can be seen and eaten, often without a script.Nowadays, there are more innovative forms of sugar painting, such as cartoon sugar painting and stereoscopic sugar painting, which bring new vitality to traditional sugar painting.The Chinese culture, the spirit of sugar painting, has been slowly spread among the sugar spoons of generations of craftsmen.Co-produced by China News Network and Communication University of China Producer: Yu LAN Chief Planner: Hu Fang Meng Qun Producer: Qin Yu Ming Wu Qingcai Qi Bin Editor: Bai Xiaoqing Zhou Xiaomeng Sun Hongliang Wang Jingwen Li Yiying Cao Hangyu Fu Bogrong Bu Xinrong Wang Jiahui Wen Mo Han Coordinator: Wang Kaizengnai Editor: Wang Ning Statement:The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: