Alarm sounded!Ukraine on the front line again?Foreign media: it has become a pawn in the game of great powers

2022-06-26 0 By

According to media reports, recently, Russia-Ukraine relations continue to ferment, and under the “arched fire” of the United States, the russia-Ukraine situation is out of control, foreign media continue to spread “war signals”, but also make Ukraine’s domestic people into panic, the atmosphere of tension spread throughout the country.However, the United States has repeatedly declared that Russia will “invade”, and even helped Russia set the date of “invasion”, but it clearly does not want to help The aftermath of Ukraine.The US only pays lip service to Russia’s “invasion”.In fact, the United States and NATO countries have recalled their embassies and called on their citizens to leave Ukraine quickly, fully displaying the four characters of “different words”, but also let many people see the true face of the United States and NATO.Many airlines have canceled flights to or through Ukraine, as the United States warned Thursday of Russian military incursions into the country, according to The Reference News website.Meanwhile, the United States continued to “drum up” talk of A Russian invasion on The 16th, even after Russia did not take military action.In a rare move, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky appealed for calm, urging the country’s media to “speak out cautiously” on the issue and questioning what he called “war alarms” from the United States.Foreign media believe that in the current sensitive and complex situation, Zelensky tried to minimize the damage of Ukraine during the crisis, the United States of thunder and no rain move, has created a larger negative impact, Zelensky to the United States sounded the alarm expressed frustration.In fact, Zelensky now realizes that the scariest part of the “aggression” is the “false” and “scaremongering,” which is as bad for Russia as it is for Ukraine.It is reported that some experts pointed out that At present, Washington is raising the stakes every day, and Ukraine is a “pawn” in the game of great powers. If we say it in a more popular way, it is a “hostage”, and every move is not up to his own, as the situation is increasingly intensified, Zelensky may also be “panic”.The report pointed out that in the current conflict between Russia and Ukraine, Ukraine alone has been difficult to stop the “offensive” of the United States, Ukraine in the current situation has no ability to stop the provocation of the United States.If you want to end this, you can’t do it by Ukraine alone, unless the Americans want to.