Watergate Bridge box office explosion!Douban is full of positive reviews, and I admit that I underestimated Li Chen once again

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The Spring Festival movies have been in the audience’s spotlight for a month, and just as audiences predicted, watergate Bridge has become the hottest movie so far.According to Maoyan, watergate Bridge’s cumulative box office has exceeded 2 billion yuan in its first five days of release, nearly double that of the second-place Professional.If current trends continue, Watergate Bridge is sure to take the top spot at the Chinese New Year box office.Of course, watergate Bridge has not disappointed audiences in terms of reputation. If you check the review section of Watergate Bridge on Douban, you can find that audiences have higher praise for the story and the performance of the actors.Some users said: “Spectacular!What attracts me more and moves me is the military spirit, the spirit of sacrificing oneself to defend our country!””, more users summed up “at the end of the film wu Wanli on behalf of seven even count, the atmosphere is sad and stirring.All in all, Watergate Bridge has been a box office smash, with critical reviews that not only reflect the success of the first film, but also show the brilliance of the second.The story is more tragic and stirring, the leading actor acting better is obviously “Changjin Lake” and “Watergate Bridge” the tone is very different, compared with the first, “Watergate Bridge” content to be more tragic and stirring, especially in the end except for Wu Wanli all the other people’s sacrifice to the audience’s tears.In terms of performance, the part of Jackson Yi in Watergate Bridge is obviously weakened. As the youngest child, Jackson Yi plays Wu Wanli, who is protected by his brothers.Although the lens is not many, but every time the camera left a deep impression on the audience.Of course, wu Jing is the best actor in Watergate Bridge.In action before the water gate bridge, he has an opposite and WuWanLi, wujing shape of wu li eyeful, although say to let him run, his fly, but it is as a brother of helpless choice, wu li in the war to protect the younger brother, every moment of the day only WuWanLi to learn to survive in the war, is the hope of life.Wu Jing’s portrayal of Wu Qianli is heroic and soft.It is no exaggeration to say that this character is the most typical iron man tenderness on screen.Of course, with the exception of Yi Yangqianxi and Wu Jing, almost all of the actors in “Watergate Bridge” do a great job, especially Han Dongjun, Zhu Yawen and Li Chen, whose character sacrifices are more tearful than Lei Dad in Chosin Lake.In the grand narrative, through the shaping of the actors in the film, let the audience feel the fearless sacrifice of our volunteers.Since Running Man, Li Chen’s label as an actor has been weakened.In the first film, Changjin Lake, Li Chen let the audience see the professional quality of an actor, while in Watergate Bridge, the audience saw li Chen’s professional ability.Toward the end of the movie, Yu Congrong, played by Li Chen, commits suicide in order to divert the U.S. attack.He took the lead in the attack and diverted several aircraft while Yu Congrong was caught in the flames under enemy fire and died running.In this scene, the audience can hardly see the details of Li Chen’s portrayal, but in the process of his hard running, the audience can feel the heroic spirit of the character’s generosity to die, and his sacrifice is the most heroic in the whole film.From Jangjin Lake to Watergate Bridge, audiences once again underestimated Li Chen’s acting skills.Of course, Li Chen as an actor in the military theme of the work is actually advantageous.In appearance, Li Chen’s appearance although not handsome, but very durable.And regular features, very manly, whether “Changjin Lake” series of movies, or the previous “Soldiers assault”, “My commander my regiment”, have shown Li Chen in the military theme fit.”Jangjin Lake” was also a turning point for Li Chen’s acting career.From the point of view of the audience, Although li Chen plays mostly supporting roles, but his personal cumulative box office has reached 15.7 billion yuan, absolutely worthy of the title of gold supporting role.I believe that through the series of “Changjin Lake”, more audiences began to look forward to the personal film starring Li Chen. Maybe Li Chen is really the next Wu Jing.Of course, “Jangjin Lake” is a typical group film, especially the second “Watergate Bridge”, in which wu Jing and Yi Yangqianxi, the leading actors, are only a wonderful part of the whole film.Zhu Yawen as Meisheng can not see also to command the battle on the battlefield, with her daughter’s photo rushed to the Watergate Bridge.Han Dongjun played the flat river in order to let the explosive boiled water gate bridge, with the bomb rushed to the enemy tank, the critical moment he let Wu Qianli regardless of life and death shot at the explosive bag.From the scriptwriter’s polishing to the actor’s shaping of the role reflects the brilliance of group portrait portrayal.All in all, it is not surprising that “Jangjin Lake” series of films even won over ten billion yuan at the box office, after all, the quality of the film is online, and audiences and fans are willing to buy it.The key is that through this film, the audience can see the charm of the treasure actors and expect them to bring more surprises to the audience in the follow-up works.