The 24 History of Modern Annotations was selected into the national key book publishing plan of the 14th Five-Year Plan

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Recently, oct Culture Group invested in the production of “Today’s 24 History” series, published or to be published “Book of the Later Han”, “Book of jin” and other 11 historical books were selected in the “14th Five-year” period of national Key books, audio and video, electronic publications special planning “;At the same time, six historical books in the second batch of “The 24 Histories of Today” won the “2021 Major Scientific Research Achievements of Innovation Project of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences”.”Twenty-four History”, also known as the “official history”, is the general name of the twenty-four historical books of ancient China.The book was written over a period of two thousand years, in the form of Chronicles, biographies, Chronicles and tables, giving a complete account of the historical process from the legendary Yellow Emperor to the end of the Ming Dynasty.The Twenty-four History of modern Annotations is a large-scale collation and annotation project of the official history of ancient China.Since 2016, OCT Culture Group has invested more than 100 million yuan to assist Chinese Culture Promotion Association and Chinese Academy of Social Sciences to carry out the “twenty-four History” historical works collation project, and compile and publish the twenty-four Annotated History of Today.Based on the principle of “historians annotating history”, this paper comprehensively annotates the “24 Histories” and tries to reflect the existing research achievements in the academic circle.The “Twenty-four Histories of the Present Annotated Edition” is well collated, comprehensively annotated, and contains a collection of research results and classic historical books. Archaeological findings and historical documents reflect each other, and it is a comprehensive historical work reflecting the research standard of today’s “twenty-four Histories”.By 2021, 13 historical books had been edited and published in the first and second batches of the “24 Histories of Today”.Among them, “Today’s Annotated 24 History • Historical Records” won the highest prize in the field of press and publication in China — the fifth China Publishing Government Award book nomination award.In addition to compiling this annotated the twenty-four, oct culture group will also give full play to the industry resource advantages, dedicated to the history of “24” into the world’s first national levels, epic, halls, large IP, the formation of Chinese excellent culture industry ecosystem, boost prosperity of cultural industries and cultural undertakings, state power for the construction of socialist culture power.