Meixian fifth Silk Fair gold 8.306 billion, Taibaili approved baoji key construction projects

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On February 15, the communist Party of China Baoji 12th Committee 12th plenary (expanded) conference came the good news, the qinling peak location – Meixian Taibai Mountain tourism area management committee won baoji 2021 annual target responsibility assessment excellent development zone, key project construction excellent unit, strive for national investment excellent unit.In recent years, as one of the 5A national tourist resorts in Shaanxi Province, Taibai Mountain Tourism Area has been making continuous efforts in green development, optimization of scenic environment and improvement of regional economy.In fact, it is not difficult to see the development trend of Mt. Taibai cultural Tourism, as early as May 2021, the fifth Silk Road Expo and China East and West Cooperation and Investment and Trade Fair has begun to see.This meeting held in Xi ‘an, Baoji city as the theme city, in the meeting meixian signed a total of 15 projects to collect gold 8.306 billion, 22 years at the beginning of the New Year, each project listing began.It is reported that these 15 projects, covering industry, agriculture, culture and tourism and other fields, accounting for a relatively large culture and tourism, a total of 2.056 billion investment.At present, cultural tourism is still in its infancy in the central and western regions, and the development of cultural tourism is a new choice for the current situation of urbanization saturation and population aging.Especially in 2020, after the impact of the epidemic, Xi ‘an has taken the recovery of cultural tourism as a key support object.First, it announced to allocate 300 million yuan of funds to support the development of cultural tourism enterprises, and then held the conference to promote the rapid development of cultural tourism industry in the city, and issued the “Xi ‘an City to promote the rapid development of cultural tourism Industry work Plan” with 27 policies and measures to accelerate the recovery of cultural tourism.Conform to this trend, silk fair on this the most notable two brigades results, it is a cultural tourism cooperation agreement signed with the xi ‘an international studies university school, have excellent tourism college teachers, graduate student in this field of cultural tourism development consultant, and relying on college high-level talents introduction plan, enrich the local tourism industry personnel;Second, it signed the Taibaili project as one of the key construction projects of Baoji in the future.It is understood that the taibai Cultural travel project signed this time, the main parent-child supporting health, the project is located in the tourist area of fengquan Road west, south of Linju Road, a total area of 192.888 acres.It is mainly composed of light luxury hotel and complex vacation facilities. The biggest feature is about 8000㎡ outdoor parent-child sharing space, plus 1000㎡ indoor children’s park, hot spring soup pool, starry sky bar, forest restaurant, private SPA, gym, chess and card room and other 10 living facilities, creating a one-stop mountain vacation concept.At the same time, it also fills the gap of parent-child theme of Taibai Mountain culture tour.The Taebae-ri project is currently open to the public and is expected to be completed by 2022.By then baoji will be a net celebrity card holy land, coupled with the qinling Mountains superior geographical location, the future development can be imagined.In addition, according to sources familiar with the matter, Taibaili has reached the strategic intention of light-asset agent construction with Zhongnan Wushanju, the regional cultural and tourism model in Taibai Mountain. With the promotion of Han Jie, president of Zhongnan West Zheng District, as the GROUP’S CEO, Zhongnan’s cultural and tourism planning in Taibai Mountain has gradually come out.In the future, through the asset-light mode of agent construction, regional supporting facilities will be integrated, unified operation will be carried out and sharing will be facilitated. This step will undoubtedly lead the industry and regional development.