Beilun commended 9 advanced figures in voluntary felon-fighting

2022-06-25 0 By

On the eve of the Spring Festival, Beilun Public Security Sub-bureau of Ningbo held a regional conference on commendation and encouragement for felon-fighting.Ren Jianwei, deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and political Commissar of the sub-bureau, awarded the prize and certificate for the advanced Figure of Good Samaritanism of district level in 2021, and distributed the bonus.At the same time, we will send condolence and condolence money to those who have been awarded provincial volunteer warriors and advanced persons in 2022 Spring Festival over the years.Accompanied by the leadership of the public security brigade.2, the graph branch leading to the hero award for one year, in a “safe” beilun emerge a batch of advanced hero characters in the work, they are threats to people’s lives and safety of emergency, regardless of personal safety, to stand up, another in, disaster relief, some Lian Village cadres, village cadres in combination with the villagers together burst fire, save the old man;Some property staff at home to rest when heard someone call, drowning woman Zhang so-and-so rescued ashore;Some street clerks riding battery car found next to the river someone flog, too late to take off his raincoat resolutely jumped into the river, the success of drowning women rescued ashore.Some security personnel on the way to the mother’s home on a motorcycle, found a boy fell into the water, very critical, directly jumped into the river, the boy will fall ashore and emergency rescue.Some of the company’s technicians wash clothes in the river, suddenly found a woman suddenly jumped over the railings into the river, with all his strength to save the drowning woman on the shore.Some couriers in the way of delivery, heard someone shout “there are children into the water!”He jumped into the icy water and carried the baby to the bank, where he was given CPR. He did not leave the scene until his family arrived.3. The picture shows the 9 advanced figures who just won the commendation. They demonstrated the heroic spirit of voluntary valor with practical actions in Beilun area, and made important contributions to promoting social integrity and promoting social harmony.Beilun, the people’s government issued immediately after the outbreak has just win on the commendation and reward for the decision of the advanced individual “hero, decided to give YuHaiBo, Wu Jianjiang two personnel individual class, ready to give good Xie Shengfu, Xie Xiaolong, luo, Shi Jizhen, ming-hui zhang, zhu, comrade lin-lin Chen seven awards,And commend and reward their voluntary felon-fighting behavior.(Cui Lunjun)