Arezer 5PLUSCVT PLUS lift operation, after driving 689 km, tell us the real opinion

2022-06-25 0 By

Everybody is good!I am the owner of Erizei 5 PLUS, from Guangzhou, my model is “2021 small AI 1.5L CVT PLUS”, the purchase price of the car is 70,000, drove 689 km, the comprehensive fuel consumption of 7.5L, everyone to see if I buy the value?I choose this model because of its good appearance. The engine is guaranteed for life and basic maintenance is sent for life.The appearance is very beautiful. I like it personally. Chery has never had a good-looking model like this one before.The stereo is still good, no net said so bad, there is no dissatisfaction.Three, take comfort feeling front row rear row space is very large, much larger than other cars of the same price level.High-tech sense, steering wheel multi-function, very direction, reversing image is very easy to use, less than one hundred thousand joint venture cars do not have this function.Trunk volume: the trunk is general, smaller than the Geely Emgrand, I feel it is already big, the household is enough, can put down, can lie down a person.Shock absorption comfort general, one hundred thousand level is almost so, feel very satisfied.The seat seat should be made of imitation leather. It is very soft and comfortable to sit on. It looks very high.Car noise/peculiar smell: before getting on the car, I smell a peculiar smell, which is normal. General cars have this smell. The car is very quiet, and the engine sound is basically unheard.Air conditioning effect: air conditioning is basically not how to use, only tried a few times feel the refrigeration effect is very good, there is no air outlet in the back row.Four, driving and power experience 1.5L self-priming, power is general, but I and other people race car, family fully enough.The steering wheel is very accurate, there is no Internet said to go astray.The car body is smooth, running high speed less than 100 does not drift, mine is a new car run-in period I only drive to 80-100, 120 has not been opened.In terms of gas mileage, my new car, 9.9 gas in the suburbs, took hundreds of kilometers of highway to get down to 6.8.1. The biggest advantage.Most like the place is good appearance, good interior generous, multi-functional steering wheel.2. The disadvantages of this car.What is not satisfied is that there is no headrest in the middle of the back seat. I hope that there will be three headrests in the middle of the back seat in the future.3. Is it worth buying?The new car hasn’t been serviced yet.After-sales service in 4S shop: I haven’t maintained it yet, so I don’t know how the service is. The service when BUYING a car is not warm and considerate, so the after-sales service should not be that bad.