The Spring Festival I am safe I escort

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The Spring Festival is a time for family reunion. Railway staff are still busy as usual. They provide professional and warm service for people on the journey during the holidays.This is the belief that Li Qi, a comprehensive controller of Guangzhou South Railway Station, has been sticking to for 10 years.At around 10 am on February 1, half an hour before his shift, Li qi was working as a volunteer guide in the transfer area on the first floor of Guangzhou South Railway Station when he was suddenly stopped by a passenger. “We have been sitting here for more than 20 minutes, and the handbag next to us has not been claimed. It must be a lost item of another passenger,” li said.Li Qi took the bag inquired several times fruitless, handed over the bag to the lost and found office, and broadcast to the transfer area on the first floor to find the owner, repeatedly refreshing the 12306 customer service work order.Eight minutes later, the lost and Found office called li Qi and said, “The passenger heard the announcement and came to claim it!””We work behind the scenes, we serve with heart, and travelers will feel it.”Li3 qi2 said.The transportation of passengers during the 2022 Spring Festival Travel Rush is an extraordinary challenge for passengers. In addition to providing transportation services for the rapidly increasing number of returning passengers, they also need to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control.Lu Xuying, the conductor of guangzhou bullet train Team 1, checks every key part of the train at work.When providing services for passengers, we should provide targeted services for different groups of passengers.When meeting children in the car, she will remind parents not to let children run and jump in the car, do not use the car facilities and equipment alone.In addition to organizing and disinfecting passengers, knowledge of epidemic prevention and control has been disseminated to passengers and masks have been reminded to ensure passengers’ safety to the greatest extent.With professional services, to achieve the Spring Festival travel “good safety, good order, good service, good emergency response, good image, good efficiency, good prevention and control” goals.”038, there are passengers in wheelchair at the entrance.””Copy 038, coming soon.”Service desk worker Huang Unpuying responds quickly.The original appeal of Mr Wu, because leg surgery makes its unbearable pain, unable to walk, in advance on the Internet booking 12306 key passenger services.Huang Jade ying will guide Mr Wu to love waiting area waiting.At 0:12, Mr Wu was successfully sent to the car.”Thank you for your hard work today.I don’t know what to do without help.What a long way you’ve travelled, pushing me up and down hills, for a little girl! ‘Mr. Wu said excitedly.On the C6903 train from Guangzhou south to Zhanjiang west, Chen Jinying, the conductor of guangzhou passenger section bullet train team 3, makes a patrol in the carriage.She checked each fire extinguisher carefully, carefully counted emergency supplies and service supplies, and sorted out bags on the luggage rack.During the patrol, Chen Jinying saw a child who could not use the electric tea stove, and patiently introduced the use of electric tea stove.”During the Spring Festival this year, I worked from New Year’s Eve to the fourth day of junior High school. Since I started working in railway service, I have understood the great significance this job gives us.”Train conductor Chen Jinying’s eyes are full of love for railway service work.Ms. Huang, who lives in Shaoguan, said: “Today is ready to take the children back home for the Spring Festival, just to catch up with the train Spring Festival Gala, train staff prepared very colorful programs, let me feel the atmosphere of the Spring Festival in advance, the heart is very happy.”On the G6173 train, the train staff prepared a train Spring Festival Gala to let passengers experience the unique “Lunar New Year” on the train.At 20:08, the train left Chenzhou West Station, and the noisy Spring Festival Gala opened with conductor Song Jun extending the greetings to the passengers.On the train, flight attendant Yu Huishu pasted paper-cuts with passengers to feel the festive atmosphere together. At the same time, she also prepared idioms, songs, dances and other activities to make passengers clap their hands and applaud.Everyone took out their mobile phones to take photos and record the beautiful moment.”This year is my 20th Spring Festival transport, is also the 20th train Spring Festival Gala, we prepare in advance, the Chinese knot, paper-cuts, fu and other decorations with the car, and passengers together to paste fu, paper-cuts, hanging Chinese knot, to welcome the arrival of the New Year.”Song Jun, the conductor, said.During the Spring Festival, The passenger flow peak of Sanya Railway Station, to facilitate passengers travel, sanya Railway Station took various measures to ensure the smooth travel of passengers.In terms of epidemic prevention and control, Sanya Railway Station has increased the frequency of disinfection of key areas and parts.At the same time, four integrated epidemic prevention machines and temperature measuring instruments were set up at the entrance of the station, and more volunteers were dispatched to guard the first “checkpoint” to ensure that every passenger entering the station has a health code.The self-service ticket terminal in the ticket hall of Sanya Railway Station has added the function of electronic ticket change, and passengers can complete the business of ticket refund and change by themselves at the automatic ticket vending machine.Meanwhile, Sanya Railway Station continues to retain manual ticketing, cash ticket purchase, telephone ticket booking and other services to ensure the convenience of people off the Internet to buy tickets.In terms of passenger service, Sanya Railway Station has set up a Commando team of Party and League members with the theme of “Reunion, let love go home”. Commandos are distributed at the ticket hall, real-name system, entrance and ticket gate to ensure passengers’ safe and comfortable travel.During the Spring Festival, in order to add a festive atmosphere, changsha passenger section of the second train team G5/6 group on the train G1348 and 1352 for passengers to bring a happy Spring Festival interactive program.”Please tell us the idioms with ‘tiger’. The traveler who answers the most idioms will get a nice little gift.”Conductor Shi Biao voice just fell, the passengers have raised their hands to answer, “Tiger tiger alive” “Crouching tiger hidden dragon” “tiger with wings” “Live dragon” “Dragon chant tiger roar”……A set of idioms with the character “tiger” in the passengers rushed to answer the voice out of the mouth.MAO, an 88-year-old grandfather, has the most idioms, recites Spring Festival couplets and sends greetings to passengers.Finally, the visitors sang “My Country and ME” to express their best wishes for the Chinese New Year.For a time, the carriage singing and laughing, applause.”You are so kind. It warms our hearts and gives us peace of mind.These interesting and meaningful programs have really eased our fatigue and brought joy to our journey.”Mr. Wu, the passenger, gave a thumbs-up to the train crew.Produced by Rong Media Center of China Railway Guangzhou Bureau Group Co., LTD. Photo: Yan Dongjing chong Lin Hao Yang Xinfei Liu Hao Tang Xiaoping Liu Ya Zheng Chunchun Li Shan Feng Bingjie Zhao Feiyu Huang Weiwei Wu Huili Chen Kerui Jin Yang Zhang Qiu Editor: Wu Fan