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Article | Jiang Fengjiao LiuShuWan xiangzi is quite short, dark complexion, three fist ram is not a boring fart, has married a beauty wife jang mi-ran.Although Meilan was born and raised in the mountains, she had never been to school, but her pale skin could be played and broken, and she looked like a star in a pictorial newspaper.What’s more, Zhang Meilan is not only outstanding in appearance, but also virtuous inside.In the village, there was a man named Hou SAN who earned two dollars in the outsourcing site. He would show off and tease In front of Zhang Meilan from time to time.But Zhang Meilan a look of integrity, eyes are not askance at him, so that Hou Three very no face.If xiangzi had any merit, it was honesty.When the villagers went to the city one after another, Xiangzi contracted a fish pond in the village alone. He worked with fish and shrimp every day, earning only enough for food and clothing.As the fish grew up day by day, far in the city of Hou Three began to covet those fish in the pond.Soon, from time to time, someone drove a car to go fishing near Xiangzi’s fish pond. Hou SAN’s insinuating manner suggested that the man should be a leader.Hou SAN side to the bearer of the bow, the other side of xiangzi and how-how-hoo, Xiangzi asked him for money, he swagger to pick up a pen, tear a note to xiangzi at the end of the company directly to take money.However, Xiangzi went to the city for several times but could not find Hou SAN’s company. A man with a good eye told him that Hou SAN did not run any company at all, but was just a contractor with the rank of old rascally.Fish money?Nine times out of ten, it’s gone down the drain.You see, these fish are xiangzi’s lifeblood. They make our living.Xiangzi began to be hindered by the kindness of his fellow villagers could not open that mouth, but he could see hou SAN fishing more and more frequently, the fish in the pond were dragged out one by one, and his heart was suddenly as uncomfortable as putting a big stone.The weather three went fishing alone. Xiangzi braced himself up and began to greet Three for fish money.Hou turned his eyes to the sky and regarded it as nothing.Xiangzi, too, was desperate. He would not work all afternoon, chasing after each other for money.When he saw Xiangzi chasing after him, he was so angry that he said, “This fish pond belongs to our village and we all have our share. Let me catch two small fish.Tell you, give you two money is pity you, bother a cent all have no!”When had Xiangzi ever seen such an unreasonable man?Be hou 3 choke to blush a while white a while of, mouth again say nothing, the eye be filled with blood to rise ground red.Seeing Hou SAN still chattering away, xiangzi, enraged, pushed Hou SAN into the pond without saying a word.He was rescued by Xiangzi at last, but he was very frightened and hurt his head by sticking his head on a rock at the bottom of the river.Hou SAN naturally refused to give up, then reported to the police station, said Xiangzi intentional murder.After a while, the police car roared to see too many onlookers, the police did not say a word directly dragged the two men into the police car away.Xiangzi was arrested, and his wife Zhang Meilan, who had never seen much of the world, was horrified.The kind-hearted villagers were also anxious — Xiangzi was so honest, who was he?He can call all black white.You’re a dumb girl and you can’t talk. You need to ask the door to do something.Zhang meilan’s family had no background, except for a distant cousin of Xiangzi’s who worked in the city’s urban management Bureau.I don’t remember what my name is, I only remember my pet name is Erbao.But now, Zhang Meilan on this one, after all, the city people road to wider, can work in the city, at least also count a character.Without her cousin’s phone number or a chance to visit his new home, Zhang Meilan took her one-month-old baby in her arms and went straight to the city’s urban management bureau.Just into the building, a fat man asked her who she was looking for, Zhang Meilan replied: “I look for two treasures.”Fat man a listen, a moment, like a little nervous, and asked: “two treasure?What is your relationship with the chief, and what do you want with him?”Zhang Meilan heard that the original two treasure when the director of the heart more dependable.But she knew she couldn’t tell anyone about it. People in the city were said to be bad and scheming.Say: “this matter is none of your business, the an seek two treasure, the an only say with him.”The fat man looked her up and down and said politely, “He’s out at a meeting.”Zhang Meilan was silent. She just sat down in a chair with her child in her arms and did not move her nest.After about half an hour he watched her turn seven or eight times, walked up and said impatiently, ‘Don’t wait, he won’t come in the morning.’At this time, the arms of the children do not know is a long time hungry or see a stranger, suddenly “woo woo woo woo” to cry.Zhang Meilan coaxed a meeting can not coax, no matter out of the people in and out of the eye, since the tube lifted clothes to expose the chest for the child to feed, mouth also stubbornly said: “this do not you tube, he does not come in the morning, I will wait for him to the afternoon.”The fat man flashed his eyes, glanced at her and the child in his arms, then went quietly into the next room, closed the door, and began to telephone.After a long time, the fat man hurried out, called Zhang Meilan to the side of the corner, handed her a thick paper package son, whispered: “the director is really not, this is I for the director of the decision to you, go back to their little, next time don’t come again!”Zhang Chunlan opened the paper package and saw that it was a hundred dollar bill with three turns of thickness.I didn’t come for money.”Fat man stared at her one eye: “thirty thousand piece not a few, take away, don’t toast don’t eat penalty wine!”He winked at the guards, then turned and hurried away.Zhang Chunlan was confused, holding the child to catch up with the fat man to ask what happened, but was even blocked by two security guards pushed down the floor.When Zhang Meilan opened the door, she saw her husband, Xiangzi, resting leisurely in the room.The original police station after investigation to find out the truth, soon put a Xiang out.Zhang Meilan breathed a sigh of relief and showed the paper package of thirty thousand yuan to Ah Xiang and told him what had just happened.Ah Xiang was sincere, thinking that there would be no pie in the sky. Although Er Bao was his cousin, it was not as if everyone had not seen him, so he would give his cousin’s wife thirty thousand yuan as soon as he sold it.We can’t have money like this!Ah Xiang heart can not put things, the next day he took his wife to cousin’s house.Knock on the door on the urgent question: “you gave my meilan thirty thousand dollars, what do you mean?”Who knows cousin a listen to, wide eyes puzzling, shaking his head repeatedly said: “The city management bureau is a clear yamen, I am not a corrupt official, which come so much money everywhere, there is no matter!Can’t it be a mistake?”Then he took a glance at zhang Meilan.Zhang Meilan felt his cousin’s eyes, suddenly changed face, said: “What all don’t say, the ans or directly on your unit, to find the fat what all clear.Zhang Meilan led everyone to the road in front of the building, my cousin understood everything…It turned out that Zhang Meilan, because she was not familiar with life, found her cousin to touch the wrong door and broke into the building opposite the urban construction Bureau.Coincidentally, the director of the urban construction Bureau was named Gao Tianbao, who was also the second child at home. His nickname was Erbao.Country people all like big treasure two treasure call, arrive in the city basic few people know.City construction bureau is a fat vacancy however, gao Tianbao has authority to be rich, raised a young and beautiful country younger sister to do “small honey”, gave birth to a child to him shortly before.After fresh feeling passes, gao Tianbao begins disrelish country younger sister to have no temperament, he had a fancy to other woman again recently, want to “country younger sister” jilted.But “rural younger sister” but stubbornly, 1 vigorously to gao Tianbao knock money, and threatened to hold the child, to his bureau to make a big trouble, these things, only that fat one person know.Fatty is both Chief Gao’s henchman and the bureau’s treasurer.When he met holding the child called director zhang Meilan, he felt the event is not good, busy close the door to the municipal government meeting director Gao Tianbao call.Gao Tianbao naturally dare not show up, then let the fat man take out thirty thousand dollars for him…Knowing the truth, Xiangzi refused to take the ill-gotten gains even more, so he took Zhang Meilan directly to fatty Man.Several cars drove into the front gate. The first car stopped and several men with beer bellies came out. Zhang meilan recognized one of them as the fat man who gave him money.She hurried up and put the parcel into the fat man’s hand, saying, “We are here to pay you back today. You gave your money to the wrong person.”Strangely, the fat man did not accept it, but avoided Meilan like a snake. In his mouth, he muttered, “Crazy, who gave you money? I don’t even know you!”Seeing the fat man refusing to admit it, Xiangzi was worried.At this moment, two more men got out of the carriage. Xiangzi looked at them and was bewildered.One of them was hou SAN who was pushed into the river by himself yesterday and said he was seriously frightened!The fishing leader, who now accompanied him well, was well dressed and showed no signs of sickness.Hou SAN saw Xiangzi, a little flustered, saw him glance at the presence of several leaders.His eyes quickly turned, then said: “nerd, take this, this is for your fish money.”At last Xiangzi understood. It was fish money, but not so much.So took Meilan’s package, opened it on the spot, took a bundle, and ordered half a bundle.Then the remaining one and a half stuffed hou three, said: “I have calculated, you and the director of the leadership of the total on my fish that more than eighty times, each in about twenty catties, each catty according to the fishing price of ten yuan a city catty calculate, about to pay me sixteen thousand, sixteen thousand I received, the rest back to you.I heard that you owe a lot of migrant workers money to set up the company. Here’s your money for them.”The atmosphere changed at once.Hou three is more appear panic-stricken, connect also not, do not connect also not.Could not help but take an eye to see the high director, I saw the high director is blushing for a while white, the appearance is also very strange.Xiangzi saw Hou SAN’s eyes and knew it was Hou SAN who had to look at the leader’s face. He turned around and shoved the money into Director Gao’s hand…Is deadlocked between, the personnel of other several cars also all facial expression stern get off, and walked over, cousin two treasure recognize however: tall is the mayor, still have a few are some officials of anti-corruption bureau.Originally, because someone reported that the bridge project bidding by urban construction Bureau was a shoddy project, the mayor came to the bureau to know the situation today.As the saying goes: there are policies, there are countermeasures.Smart hou three should care about the place care, oneself also pretend to be the chief of the driver, ready to understand the situation at any time, in order to cope with.To his surprise, he would kill Xiangzi on the way and expose himself at once.When Chief Gao did not respond, Xiangzi did not care. He handed the tall man a fistful of money, then turned and walked quickly away, his wife in tow.As they walked, Xiangzi thought to himself: We must stay as far away from them as possible.